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"Lots of game TV ads..." , posted Sun 13 Feb 14:24post reply

Don't think this has been posted here before...sorry if it has...


Lots of game TV ads, particularly from Japan. Some are a riot to watch.

News has been slow lately, so hopefully this will help you waste time.


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"Re(1):Lots of game TV ads..." , posted Sun 13 Feb 19:41:post reply

Though I've seen the site once before, I don't think it's been posted here before. Either way -- amazing how many commercials that site lists.

Now, kind of a tangent -- has anyone come across the US Mario Party 6 commercial anywhere yet?

EDIT: Found it, somewhat. ( Visit Tree Trunk (left-side menu) > click Bowser Jr. ) It's a bit of a low-quality video though, and it plays through the Flash such that I can't seem to find a way to save it.


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