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"Release dates : Seiya, Tengai3, MS5..." , posted Sat 29 Jan 19:08post reply


Notice Saint Seya, Gundam and Yamato the 4/07, Tengai Makyō the 4/17, and Metal Slug 5 and another Hot Gimmick Mahjong the 4/28.

Also, Minstrel Song still doesn't have any official release date? Huuuummm.... I spend too much time on rumor threads.



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"Re(1):Release dates : Seiya, Tengai3, MS5..." , posted Sun 30 Jan 05:13:post reply

I'd heard a hint about this Hot Gimmick earlier. Thanks for the heads-up. I ran out and dug up the dirt on it:

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"Re(1):Release dates : Seiya, Tengai3, MS5..." , posted Sun 30 Jan 06:33post reply

Thanks alot Iggy-San for the info, can't wait for Saint Seiya, I've saw the openning adn to tell the truth they did a great job by creating a 3D Opening (Pegasus Fantasy) but I would prefer if there was a special intro for the game (Just like DBZ's games) but it's ok