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"Pac Pix" , posted Fri 28 Jan 17:34:post reply

Namco's newest Pacman game seems even cooler than what was shown at E3.
You draw your pacman, then your drawing comes alive and eats everything on its way.
Drawing walls on his way makes him change directions (wall drawn from up to down : Pacman goes 90 down, and vice versa).
You can win special items, like the arrow, that lets you draw an arrow facing up. When you shoot it, it goes up to the other screen and shoots the ghosts that are hiding there.
You can draw multiple pacman at the time (but then you have to control them all, and it can be difficult) or one huge pacman that fills the screen.
The only problem yet is that I don't think they have explained how you can loose at this game. But at least this is really original. If you thought no game took advantages of the gimmicks of the console...

Also, Rockman X8, for PS2 and Windows, should be there shortly, and three stages are presented at Game Watch.



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"Re(1):Pac Pix" , posted Fri 28 Jan 23:54post reply

The last thing I need is a new console -especially a handheld one- but if the DS keeps coming out with such cool looking games it's going to be hard to resist.