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"SJSU tournament date changed" , posted Fri 28 Jan 05:29post reply

Remember the original information I gave you? Well, expect changes. Lots of changes.

Date: 2/12.


What I need right now: I will conduct a survey. Only take this if you're serious about going. The list of games is below if you're lazy to see the site.

"Capcom Fighting Jam".

"Capcom vs. SNK 2".

"Guilty Gear XX Reload". (Chances of getting this are slim.)

"The King of Fighters 2003".

"Marvel vs Capcom 2".

"Soul Calibur II".

"Street Fighter Anniversary Edition".

"Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike".

"Super Puzzle Fighter II X".

"Tekken 5".

"Tekken Tag Tournament".

List the seven games you want to see there. Oh yeah. Make sure that you number off also. A point system will be implanted.

So, your entry should look something like this.

1. "PF"
2. "AE"
3. "T5"
4. "TTT"
5. "GGXXR"
6. "CFJ"
7. "2003"

If I were to include this entry, in which I will not because I'm a staff member, "AE" would get seven points, "PF" six and so forth. The six games with the most amount of points will be in for sure. The seventh game will be a maybe game. After that, they are dropped. Keep in mind that other forums influence this decision, not just this one.

Results up to this point (with valid entries).

"Capcom Fighting Jam" - 6.

"Capcom vs. SNK 2" - 19.

"Guilty Gear XX Reload" - 0.

"The King of Fighters 2003" - 0.

"Marvel vs Capcom 2" - 13.

"Soul Calibur II" - 0.

"Street Fighter Anniversary Edition" - 9.

"Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike" - 15.

"Super Puzzle Fighter II X" - 2.

"Tekken 5" - 12.

"Tekken Tag Tournament" - 4.