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"For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Sun 23 Jan 23:10:post reply

I think it would be interesting to post what does everyone think of their basic gaming skills, just for fun. I'm going to propose the categories and the skill level that should correspond with each score. This is similar to that topic the Professor did with fighting games long ago, but more detailed.


- Execution: That is, in games with complex commands or that require good coordination (fighting games are the obvious example), how often do you get what you wanted to do. Precise jumps in platformers, combos in fighting games, fast and precise aiming in FPS.. You get the idea.

- Reflexes: How fast you react to what the game (or your human opponent) throws at you.

- Intuition: This parameter isn't very important vs the CPU, but plays an inmense role in every game that has a vs mode. This measures how well you "read" your opponent intention in the game, to take advantage of them.

- Memory: The opposite of intuition in terms of usefulness against the CPU or a human player: A good memory is required in many games (Shmups and bemani are the best example), and generally helps in the majority of the rest. In VS modes, this is usually irrelevant.

- Strategy: Crucial in many games, both vs the CPU (Strategy games, for example (duh!)), and vs other player (fighters, sport games, FPS... anything, really). This measures your plans to win, and the success of them, having in account adaptability, speed in the elaboration, and its successful implementation.

- Patience: This may sound not too important, but impatient people can't really play many kind of games, like strategy games and RPGs, some platformers and adventure games, etc. Playing against a human opponent often requires patience too, to see an opening in a soccer game, or to wait your chance in a fighter, etc...

- Stamina/endurance: Due to Spoon's suggestion, I've added this new category. While patience could be defined as how much are you willing to wait/persevere, this one measures how much your body will let you. You can be very patient, but have a headache after only 1 hour of straight play.

Well, those are the categories I think are the most important for games in general, but if you feel I've forgotten an important one, say it!

And now, the SCORES:

1: Total and utter incapacity.
2: Very bad.
3: Bad.
4: Below average.
5: Average. This shouldn't be taken as a bad score, it's what most people should have. just average, really.
6: Above average.
7: Good.
8: Quite good, can compete seriously if the game is suited for competition.
9: Very good, can compete seriously, and fare well.
10: Master, can and WILL compete, wining several times.

I think it's pointless to be very precise in your score, after all this is an very rough estimation. The minimal jump between scores should be 0.5, I think (8.5 is OK, 3.675, 6.7, 2*Pi are not OK).

I'll post my score in the next post.

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Sun 23 Jan 23:24:post reply

OK, here I go:

- Execution: 4.5 I'm not the best comboer in the world, but I can do some stuff. In other games, I sometimes mess up if I'm required to do something complex, like jump-and-shoot-while-you're- turning-around-and-changing-weapons-inmediately, or things like that.

- Reflexes: 3 I have less reflexes than a wooden cat. Really.

- Intuition: 6.5 Hooray, something I'm decent at! Really, I compensate my total lack of reflexes with some intuition. That way I start doing things based on what I think my opponent is going to do. It's very unreliable, but it's better than nothing.

- Memory: 5 Just average. I have problems at first memorizing maps and places and enemies, etc, but I'm not that bad.

- Strategy: 6.5 Decent, I suppose. Not the best strategist in the world, but I can conceive good strategies.

- Patience: 6 For RPG's and strategy games it would be higher, but in other games, often VS a human, I tend to rush things at the end (of a fight, of a match, etc.)

- Stamina/endurance: 8 Thanks to Spoon's suggestion, now I have something I'm good at! ^_^ If I like the game, I can stay playing for hours and hours, specially if it's a fighter or a RPG I'm not replaying.

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Sun 23 Jan 23:59post reply

- Execution: 4. Below average. I can pull off some stuff. Thing is, I prefer a keyboard over a pad for 2D fighting games. (Yes, I'm actually better with the keyboard)

- Reflexes: 5.5. I have good reflexes, but in game, it doesn't always turn out well because of the Execution lack.

- Intuition: 3. I guess I'm really naive in nature. Can't say I am very intuitive, unless the moves from the oponent are really obvious.

- Memory: 6.5. I am really good with that. I usually remember maps very well (I remember when I was a kid, playing Dungeon Master with my cousins watching and they were like "Man, how do you find your way in that maze?")

- Strategy: 3.5-4. I'm not that good. Couple that with that lack of intuition, and you got the explanation why I suck at fighting games overal. I have really good adaptability, but

- Patience: 7. I would have said "quite good" if it were not for the fact that I do get bored of some things really easily. However, I am very patient, and if I put my heart to one thing, you can bet I won't give up easily. (I did spend 6+ hours to finish the chocobo race to get Tidus' sigil in FFX, but I got it). Also, even though I get really frustrated at a game some times, I always take a deep breath and take the time to do it right the next time.

So overal, you know I'm a person who likes RPGs a lot (patience & memory are my best skills here). I love fighting games (mostly 2D, the only 3D one I've really put any time into is Soul Calibur for DC) but my main problem is that I almost never play VS games (you could say I don't have many friends... Those I have don't play those games.) so I'm not that good, even though I like them.
The only real VS games I played were in arcades where I was the poor sucker who got molested by (mostly asian) super-players to steal my coins. (In japan, I tried to find 1p only machines, sine I didn't want to be disturbed... Those guys are amazing, but MAN, I want to play solo, leave me alone. In fact I ended up only playing Drum-mania because of that, LOL)


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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 02:45post reply

I should be sleeping...

Execution: 7 I can do hard combos if I put my mind to it, it really just takes practice. Of course, you have to stay cool and not get frustrated when your doing the combos in the actual game. Training and matches are night and day. I could probably parry anything in training.

Reflexes: 7 If I'm paying attention I'm ok. Also depends on the game though.

Intuition: 5 It depends on the player and the game. For example, you can get killed by scrubs in many a fighting game if you expect advanced tactics. That's one thing I'm dumb at sometimes, I'm reading someone like he's really good, but they are just doing stupid attacks and I don't get out of my pattern...

Memory: 6 Though I wouldn't call Bemani straight memory games...

Strategy: 4 I would also say that this depends on the game. I usually just play it by ear though, not planning something too specific. Otherwise, if you plan too much you can focus too much on the plan and not enough on reading the opponent.

Patience: 4 I'm not patient enough sometimes, I don't wait for the best opening and sometimes try to force things, which is not good. I think if anyone completely beat USaga than they deserve an 11.76 in this catagory...


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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 05:22post reply

So...raiting my gaming skill is fun? Ah well...

- Execution: 6 Decent when I try...but I don't try a lot because of my crap memory. Puzzle games, I like to think I rock the proverbial casbah. I can't triple throw cancel in VF4 to save my life.

- Reflexes: 5.5 Average in fighting games. Shmups, FPS, I'm a lot better.

- Intuition: 8 My best games happen when I know the opponent completely. My fighting game execution isn't all that, so this is my saving grace. Very much into feeling out fighting style and spacing, poking, parrying and prodding.

- Memory: 3 I can barely remember my fighting game combos except for the dead simple staples. Slightly better in shmups.

- Strategy: 6 Terrible in FPS and RTS, but pretty decent in fighting games, the limited strategies that I go in with.

- Patience: 8 I used to do whole F1 races and cross country flights back in my computer sim days

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 06:10post reply

- Execution:

6. With enough practice I can come up with the needed execution to do something, but the problem is that I usually never practice enough :P Also, my adaptability to certain sticks can be low, and my execution can fail at certain moments.

- Reflexes:

6. Good enough to be above average, not good enough to be compared with players who can hit comfirm on reaction.

- Intuition:

6. I am still not the kind of player who often can take risks knowing that you can win the next move. In other words, I still don't have the "psychic move" skill. When I have momentum, though, things fare a lot better.

- Memory:

7. I know more tactics than what I can do with my execution. And I am able to remember new moves or strategies when I see them.

- Strategy:

6. Unless I get stumped real bad and lose my patience, I can adapt well enough to a new opponent. My weak point is that it takes me a while to apply new tactics that I learn, and sometimes my gameplay gets linear and predictable. This really depends on the game and how many tactics I learn and practice I get.

- Patience:

4. Turtles are my weak point. I also have very low patience when facing characters/tactics I don't know how to counter-play.

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 08:27post reply

- Execution: Probably around 7 depending on the game. I can pull off alot of stuff nicely, but I sometimes lose my edge in tournaments for certain fighting games.

- Reflexes: 4.5 My weakness is too many fast things happening at once leaving me confused right after and open to another onslaught of something. However, skill level I am probably average taking the things as they come, but it is just I have a bad lapse time after a flurry of something which I see as taking my score down to 4.5

- Intuition: 9 My strong point in games is reading what the enemy is going to throw at me next. More than a few times I have taken games where execution wise my opponent is better than me, but have been able to beat him just be knowing what was going to happen next.

- Memory: 6.5 Better than most other gamers I know save a few, but I sometimes forgot the most basic of things while remembering all the details and clues in doing it, leaving me out in the cold for a bit til I remember the basics.

- Strategy: 5.5 I have my moments of genius, but not quite as often as I would wish I would.

- Patience: 6.5 I am usually patient with most games, but now and then character or design flaws can really wear me down fast.

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 08:36post reply

You're missing one of the single most important competition-level traits:

I dunno if you've ever been to a tourney, but waiting sometimes hours between matches and participating in an affair that takes hours is a draining process.

Even for single player runs, it's something you gotta have.

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 09:50post reply

- Execution: 6 this varies, usually on how long it's been since i've played the game. some days, i can pull off anything and everything and make it look like nothing. other days, i have problems executing a simple fireball

- Reflexes: 6 also varies, strongly depending on the time of day i play the game, how much sleep i got the night before, if i'm on any medication that may slow me down, or have consumed any caffeine that may heighten my senses

- Intuition: 7.5 oh man i love mind games. and i can pick up on patterns easily. it's one of the reason why i love counter/reversal characters so much -- so i can stop your damn combo before it even starts

- Memory: 8 or 4 it's either extremely good, or average. long term memory = very good. short term memory = (ie forgetting my opponent has a full super meter when i jump blindly at him) below average

- Strategy: 5 depends on the situation, really. but most of the time, i don't have a strategy. just throw me into battle, i'll find my own way out

- Patience: 3.5 i don't necessarily agree with what you [Time Mage] wrote. i can play all sorts of games and have a ball. but god i hate waiting. when i want to do something, i want it done now. like VManOfMana, i can't stand turtles. i'll either lose or end up turtling myself. either way, i'll be pretty pissed off in the end


that kinda goes with patience. on a long term run, i guess. but while we're on the subject

- Stamina: GODLIKE. my friends and i can play hours on end without getting tired. i really don't know how to score my endurance, but it'd probably be a 9 or 10, as long as i'm comfortable, and as long as my mind is occupied throughout the process

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"Re(2):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 09:58post reply

Execution: 4. I suck compared to lots of my friends. I can only pull some moves facing only one direction. I managed to pull more stuff when I played in arcades, back in good old days..

Reflexes: 6. I can't pull that ultra-mega-power move, but I won't buy it, no sir.

Intuition: 5. Nothing to brag about.

Memory: 6.5. In 3-D enviroments goes down to 3 :(

Strategy: 6.5. Most of the time I can wipe enemies myself, but a few times I need a FAQ if my strategies don't work or the leveling-up magic doesn't work its wonders .

Patience: 7. (before playing Siren) -10 (after playing Siren and sending the disc flying out of the room)

Endurance/stamina: 8. When I was younger I could spend almost a whole day without eating, playing or watching games being played at the arcades. I was a junkie.

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"Re(3):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 10:24post reply

Hmm.. I guess I'll answer, too!

Execution: 7. If it's in a fighting game, I can get moves off most of the time, even on pads (which I dislike).. only if it's a particularly unfamiliar pad might I have problems.

Reflexes: 8. Pretty good. Beings that I favor shooters and high-action "run n' gun" and platformer games, I'm pretty good at reacting quickly.

Intuition: 5. Good against people I play a lot, "okay" against random people. (Can't think of a situation to apply this to other than fighters)

Memory: 9. One of my high points, I think. Good to remember where everyone is and roughly when they'll pop up!

Strategy: 7. Actually, I probably shouldn't do this high... my "strategy" in strategy games generally involves looking for AI flaws to exploit... -_-

Patience: 7. Depends on the game. Some games annoy me, other ones I can try things endlessly until without annoyance until I get them right.

Endurance/stamina: ? Don't even remember because I never have the time to sit and just play games as long as I'd like anymore.

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 11:11post reply


- Execution: 5. Just passable. If there's a way easier way to do certain combos sarifacing abit of damage I go for that. Complex combos I need practice and I will be able to pull it off.

- Reflexes: 3. I kinda of suck when it comes to fighting a human opponent. In fact I still have problems with predicted outcomes.

- Intuition: 6. I can read another players pattern really well after 1-2 matches of play.

- Memory: 7. Memorisation is key to playing music games =) My sucky reflexes cause me to not get through the game.

- Strategy: 4. On the suck factor as well. My strategy is too simple.

- Patience: 3. I'm an impatient man.

- Stamina: 2. Getting old. Can't last more than 2-3 hours of full play without stopping.

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 13:07post reply

- Execution: 4. I'm generally pretty good at getting things to work in games once I get the timing down. Unfortunately, that's usually the hard part...

- Reflexes: 7. While I tend to react very quickly in games, I also tend to lack control. Thus my execution drops a good 2 points or so if I'm relying on pure reflexes.

- Intuition: 2. Embarrassingly, I tend to fall for the same crap over and over again. If you hit me with something once, chances are you’ll land it another 50+ times before I catch on >_<

- Memory: 8. I was largely raised on shooters and adventure games, so I tend to have a very good memory when it comes to games.

- Strategy: 6 for FPS's, 3 for most everything else. I can be sneaky when it comes to 1st person stuff, but other than that, my strategy tends to be rather 1 dimensional.

- Patience: 9. My defining trait; I can sit in front of a game for hours on end losing up a storm, and still keep playing.

- Endurance/stamina: 7. I have a tendency to forget to eat, sleep, and to do other life-crucial tasks when I'm playing games.

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"Re(4):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Mon 24 Jan 15:24:post reply

Execution: 7 for fighting games; 1 for FPS (I suck)

Reflexes: 6 for fighting; 1 for FPS

Intuition: The government is paying for my college academics so yes I have tuition.

Memory: what were we talking about again?

Strategy: 1 no strategic skills in video games

Patience: 1 I use whatever cheat device that i can get my greasy hands on. I do not care if anyone says that I am not a true gamer. I work hard at work, I work hard on the classes that I am taking so why do I have to work hard for a game that I toil at work to buy just to be frustrated at home? I cheated my way through Kingdom Hearts so I have no patience to build up my level just so I can beat Sephiroth or anything else for that matters.

Endurance/stamina: All night baby. My girlfriend complains that we do "it" too much in a night. Wait we're talking about video games right? Oh...for an hour or so then I take a long break before I play again.

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Tue 25 Jan 15:09:post reply

- Execution:

5: Average. Sometime I can pull off the move when I want, like Demitri's d, f, df+KK to pass through projectiles and other misc attacks in Vampire Savior; sometimes I can't, like a simple Rage Explosion in Samurai Shodown.

- Reflexes:

See Execution, seeing as both go hand and hand imo.

- Intuition:

1: Total and utter incapacity.

Aside from knowing how'll I'll buy it in a fighter; I can barely read moves to save my life against real opponents and will only get so far with it against the cpu in most games.

- Memory:

6: Above average. I remember more stuff in video games than I do in real life.

- Strategy:

4: Below average. Something tells me that try real hard doesn't seem to work if I still lose to opponents who simply wins by fireballing me to death. And when we do come up with a strategy to help deal with fireball whoring (That actually works), 9 times out of then 10 it gets nerfed instead of the move giving me a hard time. Iori and Athena 03 come to mind.

- Patience:

6: Above average, for the most part. However if I start seeing crap that's BS or humanly impossible from the cpu in fighters it's usually time to switch games.

- Stamina/endurance:

7: Good. Can play for hours on end if it's a game I enjoy. Been playing SFAC for hours recently and that game does nothing but piss me off, so I guess that enjoyment may not be the case all the time.

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"Re(1):For fun: Rate your gaming skills!" , posted Tue 25 Jan 16:14post reply

- Execution:
Fighters: 2
I can't combo well to save my life. Ask me to do Shoryuken -> ShinShoryuken and I'm dead. The arcade stick is my enemy.
Platformers: 5
I give myself a 5 because I just passed Viewtiful Joe with all Ultra-V Rated (adult)?

- Reflexes:
Fighters: 2.
Please go gentle on me! What is "parry"?.
Shooters: 8
Please dodge 1,000,000 DoDonpachi Black Label bullet vomit storm elegantly.

- Intuition:
Fighters: 7
I love counter characters, if I manage to execute the countermove correctly >_>

- Memory:
Shooters: 10
I can recall the whole optimum Ikaruga enemy chain pattern and position. And no Mario 1up is hidden from me.

- Strategy:
Fighters: 2
What strategy? Just rush in and kill them!
RPGs, Simulations: 7
Zerg rush kekekeke!

- Patience:
Fighters: 3
What is time out? I like to run / dash / play time attack. Please don't turtle; I'll go crazy.
RPGs: 9
I've clocked more than 1000 hours on Phantasy Star Online / Ragnarok Online >_>
Max level characters / party / items are a must!

- Stamina/endurance:
Generally, 9. I don't need much sleep and food to be alive and functioning.
There is a shape of a controller on my hand.

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"Phew!" , posted Tue 25 Jan 17:42:post reply

Execution: 6.

If by execution, you mean knowing the fundamentals, being able to pull off the right move and striving when you're in trouble, then yes, I should be a six. There are certain genres I thrive better in than others. I don't pull combos a lot, but I can strike when I am able to to. I can pull off that necessary strike or jump when I need to. 270 and 630 moves have given me trouble over the years.

Reflexes: 7.

My brothers are amazed everytime I play a shooter. I'm not the best when it comes to fighters or coordination games, but eh.

Intuition: 5.

I'm inconsistent here. I'm poor at trying to read my opponents, but picking up against the game itself is a different story.

Memory: The opposite of intuition in terms of usefulness against the CPU or a human player: A good memory is required in many games (Shmups and bemani are the best example), and generally helps in the majority of the rest. In VS modes, this is usually irrelevant.

Strategy: 6.

Fairly predictable in fighters, but alright in just about any other suitable genre for me.

Patience: 10.

Let me explain. I can play just about any genre, which helps, but that's not the point. People say that patience means waiting for an opening. To me, when I talk about patience, the reason I give a perfect score is because of my timing of when to use patience.

When you play a ren'ai game, it's very important to be patient majority of the time because your decisions decide the outcome of your ending. When you play an action game, you will not be patient all the time because various stuff are being thrown at you and if it applies, the clock will kill you also. Playing a fighter is different from playing a ren'ai game and an action game. Time attack, you have to be aggresive, but you have to learn how to mix it up also. When you fight against an opponent, you have to decide on whether or not you blitz at your opponent in certain situations of the match.

Unlike pretty much everyone, I love time victories. People can't stand the clock. Fu fu fu. I don't turtle in 2D fighters (as I got tired of nearly full charge characters around the time I was in high school), but I will turtle in 3D fighters because you just don't see that happen a lot and it will frustrate people.

Action games, I always look at the clock if I need to. RPGs, I do fine here. Nothing more here.

Stamina/endurance: 3.

I may still have years ahead of me, but I don't have the pep I once had back in my younger days. I'm done after a couple of hours.

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