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"Tokimeki Factory vol 1&2" , posted Thu 20 Jan 03:02post reply

Tokimemo GS

This is still no GS2. It's a "do it yourself Tokimemo GS", with each disk having 3 characters, and you can make (they are on PC) your own little romantic scenes while you touch your clitoris, and then you send them to your friends so they can touch their clitoris with your oh so erotic writting skills (warning : friends sold separately).

Also, each first press will have drama CDs with monologs of each characters telling you, young girl, how they will love you more than any real man, because they see the beautiful woman hidden inside your fat.



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"Re(1):Tokimeki Factory vol 1&2" , posted Fri 21 Jan 01:10post reply

Geez Iggy, don't make me laugh so hard when I'm at work.