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"Will Eisner dead" , posted Sat 8 Jan 17:15post reply

Will Eisner dead following a quadruple bipass surgery.

a hyper link to an article http://newsarama.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=24788

Very big loss.


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"Re(1):Will Eisner dead" , posted Sun 9 Jan 07:33post reply

NY Times obit


Washington Post obit and rememberence.

A nice journal entry from Neil Gaiman in which he notes that having Eisner teaching a class on comics was "like getting God in to run your Bible Studies Group."

Oh, and willeisner.com.

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"Re(2):Will Eisner dead" , posted Sun 9 Jan 11:55post reply

Until much later in my life, I never knew how influential and innovative Will Eisner was until I read some of his "How To" books for comics. He was truly a man who knew how to tell a story and present it in comic form, and made it exciting to read from panel to panel. Truly one of the greats in comic circles, and IMO, contemporary art in general.