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"Comissioning cheat device hackers" , posted Mon 3 Jan 21:22post reply

System: PS2
Game: Rumble Roses
Code Request: Controllable Camera, Submission/Humiliation meter never goes to zero, Pin count never goes above 1
Reason for Code Request: This request is twofold in it's meaning.

The first is to allow players who are having trouble with the game have a "hacked" training mode by disallowing them to lose via pin count or a submission/humiliation. This way they can practice without the fear of losing.

The second request regards a video we( are currently working on for the game. Feel free to check our videos to see that this is a legit request and not a request for a camera just for more "carnal" reasons.

After talking with CMX(of he informed me that it shouldn't be hard to map the camera that is used in conjunction with submissions/humiliations to be used with a button combination in game(or for that matter using it during the "clean pause" screen for matrix-ish rotation effects).

He is currently working on this request as a "side project" for my website, but he informed me that he is very busy(this request has been on his "to do" list since mid november) at the moment which is why im dropping this request here as well.

I have absolutely no problem paying whoever for their services as the video we have mapped out(storyboard sketches, angles, swooping camera shots, etc) can not get off the ground without the camera code.

If you accomplish this and it works, you can name a price anywhere between $50.00 and $150.00 USD currency which will be sent to you via whatever means you wish AND you will have a plug on our website, not to mention in the video itself.

Thank you for your time, and i'd appreciate it if you could get back to me on this.