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-Done on 4/25/99-   
BioHazard 3 -Last Escape  Details Copyright Capcom, 1999
Capcom has released their announcement on the Sequel to Biohazard 2 (Resident Evil 2) for the Playstation- "BioHazard 3 Last Escape".   Not much details have been released on the game as of the current. Its platform will be the Playstation, and not Playstation 2. 

Commented from Capcom's Okamoto, "Well, after BioHazard fans finished BH2, they've been waiting for a new one. But they don't have one to play, so they ended up replaying the Dual Shock version of BH1, and so fourth. I really felt sorry for that, and it should be about time." 

Bio Hazard 3's scenario will not be written by Flagship Co. this time (unlike BH2), but Capcom themselves. The game will have a high level and be based for heavy BioHazard fans. Production is well underway, and there is a slight possiblity of a demo version to be added in Capcom's upcoming "Dino Crisis". 

In related news, Capcom promises for BH:Code Veronica to be released within the year. While not yet revealed, Code Veronica is said to have a "startling" system. Partial production and scenario of Code Veronica is handled by Flagship Co. as well. 



-Done on 4/25/99-   
Capcom announces Onimusha for Playstation  Copyright Capcom, 1999
Onimusha Announcement

On 4/16 at the Tokyo International Forum, Capcom announced their Japanese-style adventure game "Oni-musha". Asian star Takeshi Kaneshiro was at the announcement of the game, revealed to be not only the voice and motion capture actor for Oni-musha's main character, but a guest creator involved in its production as well. 

Oni-musha's game system follows that of Resident Evil, and the same scenario writer from Resident Evil 2 has worked on Oni-musha's storyline as well.  

While the main weapon are swords, other items present in the era are in the game as well. The main character of Oni-musha is Akechi Samanosuke, a 24 year old man who lives life as it flows. Many characters in the game such as Oda Nobunaga, Saitou Yoshitatsu, and Akechi himself are from actual Japanese history 
The story begins as Nobunaga attacks the castle where Akechi lives at, and at the same time Akechi receives word that his sister-in-law has been kidnapped. Thus in order to find his sister and fight against Nobunaga, Akechi rises and battles. 

Oni-musha is scheduled for release in the Winter for the Playstation. 

Additional Images 
Announcement | Takeshi Kaneshiro | Shot1 | Shot2 | Sho3 | Shot4 | Shot5 (notice- that is an enemies' leg) 



-Done on 4/25/99-   
Additional Information on NGPocket Color Games Copyright SNK, 1999
FF-1st Contact

Additional game images for Fatal Fury- First contact, and Samurai Spirits! 2, have been released. Images of Metal Slug-First Mission, has been released as well. 

In FF-1st contact, while the line system has been abolished- chain attacks, taunts, and the power systems are still present. Alfred seems to be the hidden character of this game. 

In SS!2, Players can choose between the two character modes. As an addition to the NGPColor version, characters can gain cards when clearing the game, and the cards give out special abilities. Each character has 8 cards, and up to two cards can be used simultaneously. 
Additional Images 
FF Shot1 | FF Shot2 | FF Illust | MS Shot1 | MS Shot2 | SS2 Shot1 | SS2 Shot2 | SS2 Shot3 | SS2 Shot4 



-Done on 4/25/99-   
Rescheduled games for the Playstation
The following games have been reschedueld as noted: 
Racing Lagoon (Square Co.) 6/10, 5800 Yen 
Fatal Fury -WA (SNK Co.) 6/24, 5800 Yen 
Persona2 (Atlus Co.) June, 6800 Yen 




-Done on 4/25/99-   
Toshinden Returning for the Playstation Copyright Capcom, 1999
While no details have been revealed, a new Toshinden game is under the works By Takara for the Sony Playstation. 
Whether or not this games is the ressurection of the announced one from over one year ago, is not known as of now. 


-Done on 4/25/99-   
Interview information on Capcom's Funamizu   Copyright Capcom, 1999
Capcom's Funamizu
In a recent interview of Capcom's Funamizu who is scheduled to be the project leader for the upcoming DreamCast game "SNK vs Capcom", Funamizu had made interesting comments as follows. 

"I always said, if I myself were to make this style of a 2D fighting game, doing it with SNK would be the most interesting."   

"2D titles are decreasing both in the arcade and consumer. I hope SNK keeps up their job and stay as a good rival, but we'll help out with whatever we can do."  
Funamizu also commented that Capcom's Scheduled Street Fighter 3 for the DreamCast may take advantage of the DC's net' connection, and that while it is a bit early, he would enjoy to port "Street Fighter -3rd Strike" to the DC as well.  



-Done on 4/25/99-   
Guilty Gear 2 details revealed  Copyright Sammy, 1999
GG2 Fashion

Sammy Co. revealed details in the upcoming sequel to the hit Playstation fighter game "Guilty Gear", originally from Arc System Works Co. Guilty Gear 2 is scheduled for release within the year at the arcades on Sega's Naomi Board as 2D game, not Polygon.  
In addition, new costumes of what can be speculated as new characters, were shown at the fashion show of an art designer Michio Inaba, who had worked on the game. 
Additional Images 
GG2 Fashion1 | GG2 Fashion2 



-Done on 4/25/99-   
Black Matrix Returns to DreamCast Copyright NEC Interchannel, 1999
Black Matrix
Black Matrix- The Fantasy Simulation RPG known well as a rarity where where the game itself was "limited edition", has been announced for return on the Sega Dreamcast 

Black Matrix Advanced will be based on the original Sega Saturn version with major upgrades in scenario and graphics, which were thrown in the original due to limit in size of a CD-ROM. Extra animation and mini-games will be added in the game as well. No date or price has been annoucned as of yet. 
Additional Images 
BM Heroine (SS version, SS Magazine) 



-Done on 4/25/99-   
Remaining Soul Calibur DC ver Characters Shown Copyright Namco, 1999
The two characters which were missing in the DreamCast version of Soul Calibur up to this point- Maxi and Sophitia, have been finally revealed. Namco states that Maxi and Sophitia were done in modeling since the TGS but has not been shown until now since the movement of their costumes were not realistic. 

Soul Calibur is scheduled for release in the Summer, shock-pack compatible. 

In addition, sample artwork done by the Soul Calibur art team has been released. These samples are for the  Soul Calibur illustration contest, for new characters and new costumes. 

Additional Images 
Shot1 | Shot2 | Shot3 



-Done on 4/25/99-   
Dynamite Deka 2 Announced for the Dreamcast Copyright Sega, 1999
DD2 for the DC

The sequel to the arcade hit Dynamite Deka (aka Die Hard) has been announced for the Dreamcast. The DC version will have additional bonuses such as an illustration gallery and is compatibility to the Visual Memory 

Dynamite Deka 2 for the DC is scheduled for 5/27, priced 5800 Yen. 

Additional Images 
Illustration Mode | Visual Memory  



-Done on 4/18/99-   
Capcom to Make Dreamcast version of SNK vs Capcom Copyright Capcom, 1999
SNK vs Capcom interview
In a recent interview conducted by Ascii co towards company executives Nishiyama(SNK -Left) and Okamoto(Capcom -right), it was made clear by both sides that a DreamCast version of the game "SNK vs Capcom" was under development. As noted in the Tokyo Game Show article, one of the major factors which had made this possible was that Nishiyama and Okamato previously worked together in Capcom, making good relations in means of human recource although the two companies themselves has always been in bad terms. 

Within the interview, the following points were made evident. 

1- Release is Scheduled for next year, between the summer and winter. 
2- The DC version will be tied up with the NGPocket color version, and data will be transferrable. 
3- Unlike the Card game, the number of characters are limited. Chun-li is on of the scheduled character form Capcom's side as of now. 
4- While there is a problem of sprite size, the game will probably be released in 2D form.  
5- Both sides do not deny a possiblity of an arcade version due to the DC's compatibility to Naomi. 
6- The project is planned to be lead by Capcom's producter Funamizu, known famously for the Street Fighter Alpha and Three series. 



-Done on 4/18/99-   
MetalGear Solid Integral Announced Copyright Konami, 1999
Metal Gear Solid Integral
Konami announced their upgraded version of the hit Playstation game Metal Gear Solid. 
Features such as game levels and additional VR modes are available in this upgrade version. 

Metal Gear Solid Integral is scheduled for release on 7/1/99, priced at 4990 Yen. 




-Done on 4/18/99-   
SNK Gals Fighter Announced for NeoGeoPocket Color Copyright Yumekobo, 1999
Yumekobo Has announced their decision to create "SNK Gals Fighters" for the NeoGeoPocket Color. No details on the game, release date or price has been made clear as of the current. 


-Done on 4/18/99-   
House of the Dead Gun Controller Error Copyright Sega, 1999
Sega Enterprises of Japan has revealed that their hit gun shooting action game "House of the Dead 2" for the DreamCast currently contains a bug. Due to the flaw of the game, the calibration data which can be set by users does not get saved into the game, making the option not much of use.  

Sega of Japan has released their decision on replacing the bugged shipment of the game for free to users with problems in gun calibration- contact Sega for more information or view *****. 



-Done on 4/18/99-   
Ogre Battle 3 Announced for Nintendo 64 Copyright Quest, 1999
Ogre Battle 3 Fighting Screen
The sequel to Quest's popular Simulation RPG series "Ogre Battle", has been announced for the Nintendo 64. 

Named "Ogre battle3 -Person of Lorldy Caliber", the game takes place in a country called Lodis. Due to the pressure of the Kingdom, the peasants were forced to live in unpleasant conditions, and uproads begin. While at first they were small and pitiful uproads, this begun to change as a leader named Fredrick Raskin took step. The main character named Magnus works for the Kingdom, and thus the story begins as he fights against the rebelion beginning in the south.  
Ogre Battle 3's battle scenes consists of "legions" or teams, each with a maximum of 5 characters. The legions can be grouped or split depending on the situation of the game. In some encounters, the palyer can negociate the enemy to become a member instead. Some jobs in Ogre Battle include- Berserker, Fencer, Beat Tamer, Doll Master, Ninja, Archer, Valkirie, Witch, Clerik, Faire, and Gremlin. 

Like in the previous of the series, the player can move around the fleid to find hidden treasures, use the dowsing rod, and talk to people for information which changes depending on the situation. The "Pumpkin Witch" Denev is again present in the game, this time as the teachter for the game's tutorial. 

Ogre Battle 3 is scheduled for release in the summer.  
 Additional Images 
Event Scene | Denev Tutorial 



-Done on 4/18/99-   
Dreamcast relase & Price Announced for WorldWide Copyright Sega, 1999
Sega of America and Sega of Europe annouced press relase on 4/15 on their dates and pricings of Dreamcast's Release. 

Date- 9/9/1999.  
Price- 199 Dollars. 

Date- 9/23/199  
Price- 199 Pounds/ 499 Marks/ 1690 Flans 
10-12 games are planned to be relased simultaneously.  The pricing of the machine itself is relatively less than that of Japan, where the DC is sold at a US equivalent of approximately 250 dollars. 



-Done on 4/18/99-   
NeoGeo Consumer to have only one game in Lineup Copyright Yumekobo, 1999
As of the current, SNK has only one line-up of a game for their original cartridge system in the consumer market- Metal Slug X, scheduled for 5/5/99. No news on future games has been yet released for the consumer system. 


-Done on 4/18/99-   
BeatMania 4th Mix announced by Konami Copyright Konami, 1999
Konami has announced their decision of shipment on their sequel to the  hit music game "Beatmania".  
No additional details have been released on this game "Beatmania 4  -The beat goes on" as of yet. A shot of the machine can be seen in the link below. 
Machine Shot 


Done on 4/18/99-   
Dramatization Image Shots of KOF99 DC version released by SNK Copyright SNK, 1999
SNK has released "image shots" of their upcoming KOF99 for the DreamCast. Note that these images are not the actual game pictures, but plans/dramatization on how the polygon backgrounds may look in the game. 
Actual game shots are also available at the bottom. 
USA1 | Korea | Spain | Japan1 | Japan2 | USA2 | Japan3 | Spain2 

Shot1 | Shot2 



-Done on 4/18/99-   
Pingu announced for game release on Playstation Copyright SCE, 1999
Sony has announced their game of "Pingu" for the Playstation. Pingu- origjnally a Penguin mascot created in claymation, will be a full polygon game in the Playstation. The game maintains the original peaceful atmoshepre of Pingu, with uses of "Pingu language" and cute storylines per game chapter 
Additional Images 
Shot1 | Shot2 


-Done on 4/18/99-   
Samurai Shodown OVA to be Released by Enix Copyright Enix, 1999
Enix known for their hit games Bust-a-Move/Groove and DragonQuest, has announced their development on a Original Video Animation (OVA) for SNK's Samurai Spirits, AKA Samurai Shodown.  

The Storyline of the new OVA takes place in between NeoGeo64's SS3D#1 and SS3D#2. Nakoruru is the main character of this anime, and other characters include Haohmaru, Genjuro, Galford, Rimururu, as well as Neo64's Shiki and Asura. 
Samurai Shodown OVA is scheduled for release on 6/25, running 30 minutes. The character images will be based on Nanase Aoi, an artist known well in printed media.  
For a sample of Nanase Aoi's artwork, Click Here. 



-Done on 4/18/99-   
Grandia announced for conversion to Playstation Copyright Quest, 1999
Grandia PS ver
Sega Saturn's hit RPG "Grandia" a full polygon RPG,  has been announced for conversion to the Sony Playstation.  

Thus far it has been confirmmed that the PSX version is DualSchock compatible and will comply to the Pocket Station with a game "Pooi Jump!" where the player is to move the Pooi and jump over hurdels without getting clogged by them from the automatic scrolling. 
PSX's Grandia is schdueld for release on 6/24 at 5800 yen. 



-Done on 4/08/99-   
Tekken Tag Tournament Announced by Namco Copyright Namco, 1999
Namco announced their next sequel to their popular fighting game series, Tekken. While only its title "Tekken Tag Tournament" has been announced as of yet, the game is known to be scheduled for release in Summer at the arcades. 


-Done on 4/08/99-   
Additional Images of DC Soul Caliber Copyright Namco, 1999
DC Ver- Soul Caliber -Click for Full Size
A number of additional shots of Biohazard :Code Veronica are now available. BioHazard: CV is scheduled for release at the end of the year. The previous article on this game can be found here. 
Additional Images 
Shot1 | Shot2 | Shot3 | Shot4 | Shot5 | Shot6 


-Done on 4/08/99-   
Detailed news on Koudelka for Playstation Copyright SNK, 1999
SNK's Koudelka, done by former Square Employees
More Detailed news on Koudelka- the European Horror adventure game from SNK for the PSX,  is available. 
Click Here for the Article. 


-Done on 4/08/99-   
SNK's Buriki One to Have Ryo Sakazaki Copyright SNK, 1999
Buriki One Ryo Sakazaki -Click for Full View
Soucce: SNK of Japan's Site
SNK released news of Art of Fighting's Ryo Sakazaki, to be in their next NeoGeo64 fighting game Buriki One. While Ryo in Buriki One has his moves from the past with minute changes, he is now middle aged -32 years old. 

Buriki One is scheduled for Arcade release by SNK, and is currently under beta testing in Osaka. 

A character interview can be seen in SNK of Japan's site, where Ryo explains that this is the first time in the Buriki tournament since he is fighting worthwhile opponents in other places and hence, could not come when invited in previous tournaments.  

Additional Images 
Full image Ryo ( Source: SNK of Japan's Site ) 



-Done on 4/08/99-   
Additional Images of DC Soul Caliber Copyright Namco, 1999
DC Ver- Soul Caliber -Click for Full Size
A number of additional shots including 2P head shots of Soul Calibur are now available, some showing the powers of the dreamcast machine and Namco's techniques. Soul Caliber was 40% complete at the date of 3/20/99. Maxi and Sophitia are not yet available for play at this moment. 

Additional Images 
Screen1 | Screen2  

Mitsurugi | Voldo | Ashtaros | Nightmare | Kirik  
Xiang-fa  | Maxi | Sophitia | Ivy | Taki 

Shot1 | Shot2 | Shot3 | Shot4 
Shot5 | Shot6 | Shot7 | Shot8 | Shot9 




-Done on 4/06/99-   
Sony Playstation2 Emulator Copyright Cygnus, 1999
Revealed be the works of  GNUPro
 -Click for Full image
Cygnus Solutions released news of their new development tool "GNUPro" for Sony's Next-generation Playstation. In cooperation with Sony and Toshiba, this development tool can be used by software publishers to produce and test games for the PSX2 prior to the availability of the hardware. The Playstation meeting held on March 2nd in which the first moving images of the machine and its power was demonstrated, was actually being shown with the use of  GNUPro's "virtualization".. or in other words- emulator. 
 Quoted from Cygnuses' Press release,  
"The simulation technology delivered by Cygnus gives developers a running start at delivering production  quality titles simultaneously with game console production availability. The virtual hardware platform  represents a complete architectural simulation environment, including 128-bit CPU core, floating-point   co-processors, and DMA channels. This provides a complete environment that allows developers to create, test and debug gaming titles."
SCEI currently is delivering Cygnus GNUPro C/C++ tools with its hardware target system to next generation PlayStation content developers. Cygnus is extending this tools environment with additional platform support, compiler optimizations, and developer support services to content developers purchasing a Cygnus GNUPro Subscription. 
The Real Next-Generation Playstation machine is scheduled for consumer release in the winter of 99'. 
For the Full Press releass by Cygnus dated 3/31, click here. 
-Done on 4/06/99-   
Scheduled Upcoming News: Front Mission 3rd and Koudelka 
SNK's Koudelka, done by former Square Employees
Articles on Squaresoft's Front Mission 3rd and SNK's New game Koudelka will be written within 48-72  hours. 
In addition will be more news on Square's Secret of Mana, and more shots of DC's Soul Calibur 
If time permits, an article of Persona 2 will be written as well. 


-Done on 4/06/99-   
Additional Images of Justice Academy 2 Copyright Capcom, 1999
New Character, Ran   -Click for Full image
Extra footage of Justice Academy 2 has been developed from the TGS (March 19-21). 
While there are no additional information on the game since last time, the pictures notes interesting points such as the goggle marks on Nagare's eyes and Microphone in Ran's Victory pose. 

Additional Images 
Nagare | Event Chara1 | Event Chara 2 | Ran & Nagare  
Ran | Marathon Shot | Rare Illust Cards | Swimsuit Akira 

-Done on 4/06/99-   
KOF 98 PSX  Limited Package Copyright SNK, 1999
SNK revealed that their recently released game, "King of Fighters 98" for the PSX had been released in two versions of packages- once where Kyo Kusanagi has his eyes opened, and the other where his eyes are closed. The Closed eye version was shipped in a ratio of 1/100 and can thus be considered as rare goods. The packaging has no difference to the game itself. 


-Done on 4/06/99-   
Doujinshi Simulator Game Announced for Release Copyright Leaf, 1999
Comic Party
Leaf  Co. has announced their development on "Comic Party", a doujinshi simulation game where the player can experience the hardships of making a self-published manga.  
As the main character, the player must carefully plan out the schdeuling of drawing the manga- in example, making layouts, inking, deciding on the quality of paper, and pricing. Items such as stamina drinks can be used to dope the character if the schedule gets tight.  
The game takes place of one year. While the main character must draw the doujinshi during the weekdays, events can be enjoyed during the weekends, making the game a Simulation + Adventure in genre. 

Comic Party is Scheduled for May, in PC platform. 

Additional Images 
Printing Set Selection Screen | Comic Market Screen | Schedule Note Screen 
Sales Shot 1 | Sales Shot 3 | Sales Shot3 | Drawing Shot 2  
Event Shot1 | Event Shot2 | Event Shot3 | Event Shot4

-Done on 4/06/99-   
Square Announcement on Subsidiaries Copyright Square, 1999
On 4/1 Square announced their decision to create 8 new subsidiaries within the fiscal year- by March, 2000. The new subsidiaries will range from Programming, CG, Music, and Production.  
Square plans to lease the technologies of their subsidiaries to other companies in the future. 
-Done on 4/06/99-   
Images of Street Fighter Zero/Alpha OVA Copyright Capcom, 1999
Sakura -Click for Full image
Images of Street Fighter Zero's  Original Video Anime (OVA) has finally been developed. 

As noted earlier,  the ever popular Ryu, Ken, Sakura and Chun-li are confirmed to be in the anime. The plot seems to be centered on the secrets  to  Gouki/Akuma's dark power, and a doctor related to him. Staffs from the  anime "Berserk" and "Ghost in a Shell" are participating in the creation of  this OVA. 
Additional Images 
Ryu/Ken | Chun-li  

-Done on 4/06/99-   
Arika Announces Joining to PSX2 Copyright CESA, 1999
Arika co. , the company known for their titles "Street Fighter EX/EX2", "Fighting Layers", "Card Captor Sakura" has announced their decision to join in With Sony as a third part for their Playstation 2. 
In addition, Arika released news of an upcoming Playstation news being in development, and an arcade game with board compatibility to the Playstation. Both titles have not yet been revealed. 
-Done on 4/06/99-   
Happy Aprl Fools! Copyright Madman's Culinary, 1999
Happy April Fools to All!! 

From 4/1/99 to 4/6/99, The Madman's Cafe was temporarily changed to "Madman's Culinary" as an April Fools Joke. All the recipes and information used in the temporary site are for real, except for the accidental missspell of Raffles Hotel, inidcated by an avid viewer (special thanks to Kilvear).  In addition, there was an interesting.. "bonus" hidden on the site.  
To view the April Fools once more, check this link. 
Note: While the Front page was being shown an April fools joke, some maintenance was being taken place in the background.. note that some pages loads faster.. noteably the index. 



-Done on 3/23/99-   
Summary of upcoming TGS Articles Copyright CESA, 1999
Day 1 of public opening was awaited by some 32,000 visitors before even opening, some of whom were there since the previous day even with the pouring rain. CESA expects 150,000 visitors on the TGS of 99 Spring. Here are more detailed information on some of the companies.. 




ETC -Coming!    News obsolete, Killed off. 
SEGA DC -Coming!    News obsolete, Killed off. 
BANDAI WONDERSWAN  -Coming!    News obsolete, Killed off. 

-Done on 3/20/99-   
Summary of upcoming TGS Articles Copyright CESA, 1999

SNK vs Capcom Officially Announced 
The creation of the game indirectly related to the "internet". 
At the Tokyo game Show- 3/20, SNK released official announcement of the rumored game "SNK vs Capcom" for the NepPocketColor. This is the first official announcment made by either of the two companies. A meeting was held at 3:00PM at the SNK booth to explain in detail.  
Scheduled: Card Game (Summer)   , Fighter Game (Winter) 
Details of the meeting and evidence of the game's announcement will be posted at the Madman's Cafe within 24 Hours, with additional information on SNK's booth as well. 
While Capcom's booth mainly had in presentation the expected- SFA3 DC ver, MvsC DC ver, tape of RE:Veronica, Dino Crisis video, etc etc.., their most unexpected scoops came in the form of big screen TV presentation.  
While Capcom's Jojo's Venture was an expected title to be shown in some form at the TGS, it was their announcement of an anime for SFA and the creation of Justice Academy 2 which were the largest scoops for the show. 
While Namco's booth was swarmed with machines of Ace Combat 3 and Soul Calibur, it was their announcement of their new shooter "Star Ixion" which stirred the most commotion upon aware visitors- especially Namco shooter fans. Also in the making: Dragon Buster sequel "Dragon Valor" and a... local Comedy game starring "Yoshimoto" comedy actors of Japan. 
Namco also took a step in a portable machine direction. Bodyfat Analyzer. 
Square announced the usual fantasy RPGs Legend of Mana for the PS and Saga Frontier as well as their Sequel to Front Mission, but their unique titles were "Racing Lagoon" and "Cyberorg". Racing Lagoon is a racing game (as the title suggests" and Cyberorg is an "American-type" action game very unorthodox from the usual trends of Squaresoft. 
Not a major company but I just needed to bash/mention them for their.... BeatMania Wannabe. 
No extreme unexpected titles. Sega announced their decision to tie up with webTV from 4/23.  
Absolutely no news on PS2, nor huge surprises in lineup.