MMCafe still laggy on updates
        - 11.23.00

  The Madman's Cafe is still slow on updates.
In the meanwhile, please feel free to check the Bulletin Board, for some news. < Bulletin Board >

Hidden characters in Capcom vs SNK images Released by Japanese Site
        - 8.18.00

5 hidden characters in Capcom vs SNK have been released by
what can be reported as a dreamcast screen.
< Details >

One Hundred + images of SNK vs Capcom Released
        - 7.29.00

Over 100 images of Capcom vs SNK has been released,
including the character select screen and
all the characters not released by photos as of yet.
< Details >

KOF2000 Middle Boss + Extra Striker codes        - Updated 7.27.00
Codes for releasing the Middle Boss and hidden Strikers for the King Of fighters 2000,
have been revealed.
< Details >

Beta Testing Reports on Capcom vs SNK        -7.16.00
Beta testing of Capcom vs SNK has been established from 7/14/00 -7/16/00 in
Osaka Chateau Ex, Plaza Capcom Kichijooji, and Shinjuku Sportsland.
< Details >

System Details, images and moves list on Capcom vs SNK        -7.16.00
Details to the upcoming title Capcom vs SNK, has been revealed. < Details >

Capcom vs SNK Character Roster Released        -7.15.00
The character roster to Capcom vs SNK- Millenium Battle, has been revealed. < Details >

SNK vs Capcom to become a Card Game        -7.15.00
The NeoGeo Pocket Color game "SNK vs Capcom", has been announced to be converted to an actual card game. < Details >

KOF2000 Release date Delayed to 7/22        -7.15.00
The King Of Fighters 2000, originally scheduled for release on 7/14/00, has been rescheduled for release on 7/22/00 due to difficulties on the manufacturer side.

Guilty Gear X Official Site Opens        -7.15.00
The official site to Guilty Gear X (Aka Guilty Gear 2), has opened.
Check for the site in Japanese, or for English.

On related note, GuiltyGearX is scheduled to be released in 7/20/00 for the arcades..

KOF2000 Mpeg Videos released by        -7.15.00
KOF 2000 mpegs has ben released by
As the files are gone from the original site, The Madman's Cafe has temporary mirror backups in the Dessert section.
Special thanks to Tarou Tokumei for news/files.
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