News From 10/29/01

The King Of Fighters 2001 Footage released through
[ Link: | KOF Cartel ]

Seven beta testing footage of The King Of Fighters 2001 were released through the popular anonymous style BBS "" by a contributor "Sakura".

Three of the footages have been archived in KOFCartel- the footages feature Iori, May-Lee, and Angel in action. For the footages, check the site.

Short Comment- I have four of the three footages- three are the same as KOFCartel's, the remaining is Kyo doing his new SDM (needs hosting). There were also clips of Foxy, K' and Angel vs MayLee, but those I've missed. Hopefully someone's got them archived. -H.Moriarty

SNK Official Site Releases Final Message, Final Update, Final Gift
[ Link: SNK ]

SNK's official site has updated with a farewell message to their fans. Messages are available in both Japanese and English. The Engliush message goes as follows.

Dear All NEOGEO fans/customers, It is with deepest grief that In the Autumn of 2001, SNK will close the company history in its business. It was all of your favor and encouragement which made our passion running to make better games for SNK fans. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank and everyone of you for your continuous help and assistance rendered to SNK since its inocorporation in Japan July in 1978. Without your support, SNK Corporaton would not have been possible throughout 23 yers of operation. With all our heart-felt gratitude, thank you once again !

As a farewell gift, SNK has prepared an all-time cast wallpaper, featuring gane characters from its 23 years of history.
Special thanks to Chupiler for the news.

Short Comment- It wasn't too hard to forcast this from happening, but it's still traumatic to experience SNK's closedown. That's not to say that I'll be eagerly looking to what will be happening with their intellectual properties in the future. -H.Moriarty

The King Of Fighters 2001 to be Distributed by Sun Amusement (Softbank Japan)
[ Link: Softbank Japan | Article ]

(Softbank Japan) Due to SNK's closure of operations, arcade distribution of "The King Of Fighters 2001" will be handled by Sun Amusement. Distribution by Sun Amusement's will be effective within domestic Japan.

Short Comment- I've never heard of Sun Amusement. At first I thought it was a subsidiary of Sun Denshi co., but that doens't seem to be the case. It's not an Aruze group either. Humn.. suspicious. -H.Moriarty

Short Comment: Anime Con turns NY Mayor Giuliani into Zombie.. ?

As a New Yorker, it's good to know that NYC finally has a major anime con of its own- The Big Apple Anime Festival.

However, Mayor Giuliani must've seen Urotsuki Douji or something- he looks like a dead Dennis Hopper who's just seen something even worse than the Twin Towers catastrophe. Special thanks to for the news.

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