News From 10/28/01

Onimusha 2 Special Costume Footages for Yusaku Matsuda Festival
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Special Footage of Capcom's Onimusha2 dedicated to the Yusaku Matsua all-nighter in the Tokyo Fantastic Flim Festival has been released by Japanese site "-go-". The footage presents the main character of the game Yagyuu Juubei- modeled after the late actor Yusaku Matsuda, dressed in the costume of the classic detective TV show "Tantei Monogatari" (Detective Story) in which Yusaku played the center role.

While it is not known if the casting is identical to the product version of the game, Jubei/Yusaku's voice is dubbed by actor/director Naoto Takenaka. The costume is not scheduled to be included in the product version as of now, but the final decision may change if demand is high. For the Footage, check the site.
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Short Comment- The clip is hilarious if you can understand what he's saying. But I swear, that doesn't sound like Yusaku. Being a good fan of the TV series, I'll definitely buy the game if they add in the detective costume. -H.Moriarty

Additional King Of Fighters 2001 Images released

Additional images of The King Of Fighters 2001 have been released by SNK and Eolith through Enterbrain Publishing. For the images, check the links below.

[ Image1
| Image2 | Image3 | Image4 | Image05 ]

[ Image6 | Image7 | Image8 | Image9 | Image10 ]

Sort comment- Kyo supposedly says "Asobi wa Owari da!" like Iori in his new MAX Super. ..Man, what a change.. -H.Moriarty