News From 09/29/01

Short Comment: KOF2001 Bosses, fan-made moves list

Reports from the KOF2001 beta testing are slowly appearing. According to reports from Japanese site "KOF Kenkyuu-jo", the midde boss is "Original Zero", and has a Krizalid-like striker. The Last bosses' name is Ignis. Moves list (fan-made) of KOF2001 can be found at Transient. Thanks to for the URLs.

All in all, there doesn't seem much to be reported compared to CvS2, since KOF2001 is not a complete overhaul like CvS2 was from CvS1. That's to say that the characters may have minor changes, but the speed/system still feels like a good KOF game. Some of the minor changes include Bao's projectile no longer going full screen, Iori's crouch A (and far C?) becoming cancelable, and Heidern becoming a command move character(ok, that's major). Also, MAX super consumes two stocks, so a 4 character team (no striker) can't execute it.I'll write a collation later.

King Of Fighters 2001 - Articles released (Impress Gamewatch, NTT eg)
[ Link: Impress Gamewatch | NTT EG ]

Impress Gamewatch and NTT eg have released articles of KOF2001. While no new information are available, Impress Gamewatch provides high quality images of the new character's portraits.

For the articles, check the site's sections.