News From 09/26/01

King Of Fighters 2001 - Details and Images Released
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Eolith and SNK have released details and images of their upcoming cooperative sequel, "The King Of Fighters 2001".

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Nintendo Orange & Black Gamecube to be released 11/27 (GameSpot Japan)
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(GameSpot Japan) Nintendo has announced their two new colored versions of Gamecube to be released in 11/27. No changes will be made to its current violet version in specs or price, and will be retailed at 25,000 Yen.

3 Controllers of color variation will also be released in the same date as well; Orange, Black, and Violet with transparent bottom (each 2,500 Yen).

Short Comment: Ivy and Taki, of Soul Calibur 2.

Since other sites haven't seem to have released Ivy and Taki images from Soul Calibur 2, here they are, from Softbank Publishing's Bi-weekly Dreamcast Magazine. Also, it seems that we've still not heard of all the new characters. There will be walls in the game as well.

Soul Calibur 2 is scheduled for arcade release in Winter.
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-H. Moriarty