News From 09/12/01

Short Comment: US Terrorism

As a citizen of New York, this World Trade Center incident has been quite an experience for my family. Being miles away from the Twin Towers , I was able to type up a report as the incidents occurred.

It was obvious that this was a well planned attack, and it showed the weakness of security the United States had within its borders, compared to its strong security against outside attacks.

There was also another obvious weak point which became apparent during this incident; the internet. While information and photos of the occurrences were released in major news sites in a matter of minutes, none of them could handle the capacity of viewers. Both are subjects which will definitely become focus of adjustments in the near future.

A last note to everyone. Do not let terrorism shake you.

You must shake terrorism.


Namco to suspend TVCM of "Air Combat 4" due to US Terrorism (GamespotJP)
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(GameSpot Japan) Namco has announced to suspend the airing of their TV commerial for "Ace Combat 4 -Shattered Skies" until further notice.

While the Playstation 2 software has no connection to the World Trade Center incident, Namco has decided it would be wise not to air their commercial, which features combat of planes in flight.

King Of Fighters 2001 not to be revealed at JAMMA AM Show (SpaceV1)
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According to arcade chain operator site SpaceV1, King Of Fighters 2001 will not be presented in the upcoming JAAMA AM Show (Amusement Machine Show) to be held in the Tokyo Bigsite Convention Center, 9/20-22.

Also according to SpaceV1, development of the game is currently underway for beta testing aimed for early October, Osaka Japan.

Final Fantasy Unlimited - anime character details and article scan (GIA)
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Additional details on Square's upcoming anime venture, "Final Fantasy Unlimited" has been released by GIA. In addition, a scan of a magazine article featuring the anime's characters (Source: Euea Images BBS), is also available as well.

Short Comment: SNK vs Capcom 2 Card Fighters 2 Site Translations

I received word from Luc Vo- the webmaster of, that he's a great fan of the SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters series. In fact, he's such a big fan that he translated SNK's official section of the game into English and French up in his site. For those of you who have interest in the game or are fans yourselves, go check it out.

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