News From 09/10/01

Phantasy Star Online to be ported to Windows (Sega, Impress, 4Gamer)
[ Link: Sega | Impress | 4gamer(1) | 4Gamer(2) ]

Sega has announced their decision to port the hit online game, "Phantasy Star Online" to Windows. Aiming for internet play throughout the world, the Windows PSO- based on the Dreamcast's Version 2, will Include word select system support for Chinese and Korean as well as the original DC version's languages.

With the use of Pentium 4's SSE2, the Windows version can acheive graphical enhancements compared to the DC version; field drawing will take half the CPU power, polygons for the field will be separated into more smaller parts (4 times the DC ver)
for better details and lightings, particles for special effects will be increased to 2-3 times the DC version, bump mapping on textures will be adopted to add facial features to characters, and the limit in clipping will be doubled Comparison: Top:Clipping On, botton: Off . 3D surround sound is scheduled to be supported as well..

Requirements for PSO/Win goes as follows.
CPU: PentiumIII 450MHZ and up
OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP (DirectX 8 required)
Memory: 64MB and Higher
HDD: 600MB and higher
Graphics: 8MB VRam and higher
Soundcard: DirectSound supported

Phantasy Star Online is scheduled for release in Winter 2001 (2002 for US, UK and rest of Asia) , 2 CD-Roms, price undetermined. For more images, check 4Gamer's sections.

With the multi-platform multi-country releases, Sega aims to acquire 1 million users for their Play Online services worldwide.

"Final Fantasy Unlimited" to begin broadcasting, October 2nd
[ Link: TV Tokyo | Section ]

Japanese TV Broadcasting station "TV Tokyo", had released their TV anime line-up for October. In the lineup, Square's upcoming anime, Final Fantasy Unlimited is listed for broadcasting.

"Final Fantasy Unlimted" - a Sci-fi adventure anime, takes place in an alternate dimentional world which appears near the Japanese sea. The story evolves around the main character Kaze and heroine Lisa, as they search for the enemy which has destroyed Kaze's hometouwn.

"Final Fantasy Unlimted" will make its debut on October 2nd, and will broadcast every Tuesday, 6:30-7PM at TV Tokyo related channels.

IGNXBox- DOA3 producter Itagaki, expresses more opinions on Tekken 4
[ Link: IGNXBox | Article ]

Photo: Gamespy

(IGNXBox, 9/10) "As one of the major developers that are trying to make the fighting genre grow in the industry, to see a game like Tekken 4 is a major disappointment; a game like Tekken 4 will "stunt the growth" of this genre as a whole. If Namco is serious about making a 3D game, they need to redo their game from scratch and if they're not willing to do that, they should go back to doing 2D games. Which reminds me (starts laughing), I guess they're bringing out Tekken on the GBA and it's looking pretty good on that system. "

For the full article, check IGNXbox's article.
Special Thanks to Eddy Tang again for the news.

NeoGeo site- SNK vs Capcom 2 Card Fighters section updated
[ Link: SNK | Section ]

SNK has updated their "SNK vs Capcom 2 Card Fighters" section. The "Info" subsection is now opened, with descriptions of the game, comparison to SNK vvs Capcom 1, "reaction card" descriptions, and guest illlustrator cards. Other subsections- "Movie" and "Diary" are available as well.

"SNK vs Capcom 2 Card Fighters Expand Edition" is scheduled for release on 9/13, 4500 Yen.

Special Thanks to Emerje for the update notice.

SNK to Release new Comical Action Game "Zupapa" for MVS
[ Link: SNK | Section ]

SNK has announced to release a new action game on their MVS platform, "Zupapa". Zupapa takes place in a space colony where a tribe of cute looking but intelectual beings named Zupa live peacefully, until one day when their children gets kidnapped.

The object of the game is to clear the stages and find the missing children using two of the tribe members- Zupapa(1P) and Zupipi(2P). The Controls are simple; 8 direction joystick, attack button and jump button.

For more details, check SNK's Section for the game.

"Piacarro Dot Com", Tentatively Open
[ Link: PiaCarro Dot Com ]

PC game maker F&C's Promotional site for their upcoming game "Pia Carrot 3", has tentatively opened their site.

While most sections are under construction, the site can still be navigated through with no problems as of now. While suggested for viewing under age 18, there is no adult content as of the current time.

Pia Carrot 3 is scheduled for release in 12/2001, price 9800 Yen.

Short Comment: CvS2 Password Rumor

Since a good number of people have been asking for a possible password in Capcom vs SNK2 (arcade), here's a unconfirmed rumor.

From Password "YAMAOOUT" will unlock 3 modes in the system config's "Game Mode" option; Ratio Match Mode, Single Mode, and 3-On-3 Mode. Ratio match is the same as usual, Single is 1-on-1 style street fighter with rounds. 3-On-3 is KOF style with no Ratio strength differences. Again, I haven't confirmed it myself, nor do I know if it works for non-JP versions. But it wouldn't hurt to try, in any case.

Oh, and another Digicube promo at Ruliweb's section.. I haven't checked it yet either, it's only 3 days before the game's release after all.