News From 09/06/02

The King OF Fighters 2002 - Beta testing footage Released by KOF Union

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Chinese KOF oriented site "KOF Union" has released 23 footages of "The King OF Fighters 2002". while the Windows media file format videos are all average 400KB in size, they feature highlight scenes in the game.

For the footages of KOF2002, Check KOF Union's section.
Special thanks to The Colonel for the news.

The King OF Fighters 2002 - Release Date Scheduled for October 10th (Gfront)

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Arcade PCB retailer Gfront has released the distributor's fax from Playmore group's Sun Amusement, announcing their upcoming 2D fighter sequel "The King Of Fighters 2002" to be scheduled for October 10th, priced 198,000 Yen.

For the distributor's fax, check Gfront.

Short Comment- Ex-SNK/Current Capcom Illustrator, Senri Kita's Web Site

I came upon Ex-SNK/Current Capcom illustrator, Senri Kita's web site by very good fortune. It's apparently been around for over an year, but I was just blind to find it. You can see some pretty magnificent art works of her's there, so go check it out if you're a fan!
[ Senri Kita- "Scribble" ] - Henry A. Moriarty

Short Comment- Videogames Law in Greece, only Pertains to Industrial Machines

I received an interesting report from a frequent visitor to Greece, who's currently there on his annual vacation. It seems that, as a number of sites reported 24-72 hours after the first notification of the news, only Arcades and related gambling spot machines have been effected by the new bill.

"All that has been banned are the gambling machines in arcades and most arcades have been forced to close because they repeastedly ignored government warnings that gambling and modifying arcade boards to include electronic slot machines is illegal. Video games on home consoles, computers, and handhelds is unaffected entirely. Every shop that I've been to has confirmed this and sales are still going strong over here. Though there is increased government pressure not just here but in all of Europe to curb piracy which runs rampant over here."

Special thanks to Geo. Spiliotis for the report in Greece.
- Henry A. Moriarty