News From 09/05/01

Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper GBA version to include Yun, Maki, Eagle
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Capcom has announced their new characters in Capcom vs SNK 2; Yun, Maki and Eagle, to be included in their upcoming GameBoy Advance version of Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper. The game will include all characters from the arcade version as well.

Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper is scheduled for release in 11/30, 4800 Yen. The game complys to one cartridge versus play.

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OCN Play Online Club to Open 9/06
[ Link: OCN Play Online Club | PlayOnline ]

Major communications group NTT, has announced to open "OCN*1 Play Online Club", a promotional virtual club site designed to release information on Square's "Play Online" service. As a campaign up to 10/31, 400 members will win either a Play Online starter kit or a Final Fantasy T-shirt (200 each).

OCN Play Online Club will open services in 9/06. Membership is free.

*1- Open Computer Network. -H.Moriarty

Play Online- Interview released for Final Fantasy X Staffs
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Square promotional site, has released interviews of their Final Fantasy X staffs. There are currently 13 staffs in the interviewed. For the articles, check their site's section.

Japan Prime Minister releases private photo collection "KOiZUMi"
[ Link: Futabasha- KOiZUMi ]

Japanese prime minister Junichirou Koizumi, has released a private photo collection "KOiZUMi", to be released in bookstores tomorrow. The publication comes complete with 50 private datas about the prime minister and a love letter to all the women of Japan.

"KOiZUMi" - printed by Futabasha publishing, will be released in 9/06, 1800 Yen plus tax.

I heard about this in the morning news, and wondered why the economy was going down again. Hopefully this book will sell enough to raise the GDP.. right. -H.Moriarty

Short Comment: Capcom vs SNK 2 scores 35/40 in Famitsu

35/40 is pretty good for a 2D fighter. Looks like they went lazy and just gave the same score to both DC and PS2 versions.. or did they. It doesn't seem that the reviewers saw any difference in graphics or controls between either versions, and the load time is said to be quick on both.

On a different note, there was a 103 bracket CvS2 tournament which took place in my local arcade this past weekend. Not surprisingly, it was Daigo "The Beast" Umehara (CvS1 national champion and legendary gamer, said to have stopped the "wins" counter in Vampire Savior once) that won 1st place, with his usual team of Ryu, Guile, and now Sagat as well. Interestingly, N-Groove.
Results and Photos: [ West Sportsland Result ]