News From 09/03/01

Short Comment: Thanks to all, 3 millionth Hit!

Thanks to all readers, the Madman's Cafe makes its 3 millionth hit! Likewise to the 1st million, a great gift art comes from John Kim and Naska Chijoue, featuring MMCafe's mascot, Dita Shirataki!!

While the site's design will stay intact for a while, updates will begin again starting today. Thanks for supporting the Madman's Cafe!

Henry Adams Moriarty (aka Madman / Professor)

The King OF Fighters 2001 - Details to be released 9/28
[ Link: Eolith | Section ]

Eolith has announced to release details regarding their upcoming collaboration title with SNK, King Of Fighters 2001. The announcement was made in their official site; release of details will be done in the site as well.

According to Eolith, the release of information and web site updates have been delayed up until now, due to the abrupt resignation of the web site administrator, search for new human resource to cover the vacancy, and preparation of the Japanese development team's publicity supply.

Scheduled for update on their site at 9/28 4 AM, the following details on KOF2001 are planned to be released by Eolith: title logo, character illustrations, character profiles, move names and commands list, game screen shots, game details, story, etc.

It seems like we'll be able to read some comments from the Eolith staffs in the upcoming week... let's see what happens. -H.Moriarty

Game Merchandise Broccoli co., opens stock in JASDAQ
[ Link: Broccoli ]

Game Merchandise company "Broccoli", has opened stock in JASDAQ (Japaense counterpart of NASDAQ). Known as the top retailer for videogame related products in Japan, Broccoli co. is also known to manufacture original products, and is scheduled to extend their distribution to overseas.

Broccoli's stock began trade at 1200 Yen on its opening day, and plummeted to 790 Yen by closing time.

Open stock. . .. Broccoli should have stayed still like a veggie. -H.Moriarty

Short Comment: Dreamcast Capcom vs SNK 2's Bonus Disk

Since I'm getting an abundant volume of questions regarding the Fan disk to accommodate the DC version's Capcom vs SNK 2, I'll reply here: The fan-disk is not a bonus for purchase through Dreamcast Direct only. I don't know where anyone got that mistaken news.

The disk is shipped to retailers in limited quantities with the first shipment of the game as well. Retailers getting the disk are already aware. Whether or not your local game import shop can get the disk depends on them; be sure to ask them if you're uncertain. -H.Moriarty