News From 08/01/01

Capcom vs SNK 2 - GameWaveDVD Footage re-released at IGN
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Special thanks to VariantX for the news.

IGN has released Capcom vs SNK 2 footage from Enterbrain's GameWaveDVD - identical to that of Gamespot's streaming media, in downloadable Quicktime format. The movie has been split to 5 parts, each file consisting of 7.3 MB.

For the footage, check the site's section.

Short Comment
The first three footage are equivalent to that of E-Gameclub's, The last two files contain new footage. -H. Moriarty

PS2 Capcom vs SNK 2, Devil May Cry, Maximo, VeronicaX- Delayed for US [IGN]
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PS2IGN has reported of four major Capcom titles on the Playstation 2 to be delayed in release. Changed release dates goes as follows.

Capcom VS SNK 2- November 29, 2001
Devil May Cry- November 17, 2001
Resident Evil- Code Veronica X - August 29, 2001
Maximo: Early January 2002

For the full article, check the site's section.

Short Comment
CvS2 was originally scheduled for release in September 1st, so this would mean a nearly 3 month delay. I thought Devil may cry was announced as Nov' 17th to begin with, but I guess my head is playing tricks on me. -H. Moriarty

Final Fantasy the Movie- CG Staffs Interview [Arts Technica]
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Special thanks to Leon and VoodooExtreme for the news.

A full length interview with the CG staffs for the Final Fantasy motion picture has been released at Arts Technica. The interview covers technical information about the movie as well as the progress and issues in making the CG.

For the interview, check their site's section.

Short Comment: The Unofficial Final Fantasy X Translation
Stuck in Final Fantasy X because of the language barrier?
Well then, you're in luck.

A new fan page has opened, respectfully named after what their site is about- "The Unofficial Final Fantasy X translation". The site is created and maintained by staffs of the "The Unofficial Final Fantasy VIII Translation" and "Unofficial Chrono Cross Translation" sites. While the translations don't cover throughout the game yet, it should be worth taking a look at if there's parts in the game dialogues that you've been wondering about .

[ Link: The Unofficial Final Fantasy X translation ]

Special thanks to Nathan M. and Rinoa Mao for the news. -H.Moriarty