News From 06/29/01

Mcdonalds to Campaign with Sony Mascots [NTT EG]
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Special thanks to Leon for contributing to the news.

[NTT EG] 6/28 Shibuya, Tokyo- Mcdonalds has announced their collaborated campaign with Sony, using Playstation mascot characters Toro, Parappa the Rapper, Chocobo (Square), and Pipozaru (ape escape monkey).

During the campaign period between July 17- August 14th, customers will receive a free mascot toy with the purchase of a Happy meal or Super happy meal in participating Mcdonalds. Customers may also buy a plush mascot doll(single or set) or a set of 4 cellular phone strap bands with a purchase of any food or beverage.

In addition, customers purchasing a value meal will receive a free set of two cards; a trading card and a lottery card. Lottery card winners will receive a free promotional Playstation 2 software "Happy Disk", or other prizes.

Parappa the Rapper 2- Official Site Opens
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The official site of Parappa the Rapper 2 Has opened. This time, Parappa must battle against the evil Noodle clan, who have the strong power to change anything into Noodles.

Parapppa The Rapper 2 is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 2 in 8/30, priced 5,800 Yen.

Final Fantasy X Airship & Rikku - PlayOnline Upated
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Square's promotional site "PlayOnline", has been updated with details, images and wallpapers of Rikku and the Air Ship in FFX. Updated sections are Character, Wolrd and Download.

For the update, Check the site's section.

Additional Capcom vs SNK 2 Screens [Impress GameWatch]
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Special Thanks to Talbineric and Rook for the News.

Impress GameWatch DreamCast IGN has acquired a number of new high quality "Capcom vs SNK 2" screenshots screen shots. The shots feature Dan and Joe as well as previously released new characters.
For the images, Check the site's section.

Updated- Impress GameWatch was the first poster of the images, not Dreamcast IGN.. Humm, the images look too identical- they're usually released at a much larger size for the press, and each press reduces the size to their own desire. DreamCast IGN didn't "Borrow images from another site and put their own Brandings", did they? Let's hope not. -H. Moriarty

Devil May Cry- Additional Screen Shots & Dante Rival [Impress GameWatch]
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Impress Gamewatch has released additional images of Capcom's upcoming Playstation 2 Release, "Devil May Cry". Theimages are focused on Dante's rival Nero Angelo, who overpowers Dante, but mysteriously burns into flame when seeing Dante's Pendant.

For the screen shots, check the site's section.

SNK to release "Best Collection" series for NeoGeo Pocket [GameSpot Japan]
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(GameSpot Japan) SNK has announced to release "Neo Geo Pocket -Best Collections" in August 2nd. The "Best Collections" are secondary releases of popular titles, allowing users to play games at a lower price.

SNK Gals Fighters and Last Blade will be available for 2,500 Yen. SNK vs Capcom Millenium Battle and Metal Slug 2nd Mission will now be available at the the price of 2,800 Yen.

Short Comment: Wow, he can actually do more than Fireball > Uppercut!
This is a pretty interesting image so I thought I'd mention it.
Capcom has released 3 wallpapers of their recent Psikyo-based Mahjong game, "Hot Gimmick Allstars". Now, what do we have here... oh my, are we actually seeing Ryu do more than his usual Shodoukan act? That's new. -H. Moriarty