News From 06/20/01

Final Fantasy X Edition Snacks to be released at Seven-Eleven Japan
[ Link: Seven-Eleven Japan | Image ]

A number of snack companies have been revealed to be releasing a variety of snacks with Final Fantasy X designs. Thus far, the following snacks will be released in a FFX package:

[ Image ]
Pretz (Glico co)- Pretzel sticks with a hint of pepper
Mint Blue Gum (Lotte)- A can of 10 gums, Tidus/Yuna versions Available.
Doritos (Frito Ray) - Tacos flavor corn chips.
Cheetos (Frito Ray)- Cheese puffs.
Mike Popcorn (Frito Ray)- Butter n' Soysauce flavored popcorn.
Can Cased Candy (Morninaga Foods)- Can of candies- comes in 3 versions; FFX Logo, Tidus, or Yuna.

At the current time, only Seven Eleven of Japan is known to have contracted on retailing the special edition products. All FFX snacks come with a free crystal(transparent) card from the "Final Fantasy Art Museum Clear Card Edition" collection (27 cards in total).

FinalFantasy Creatures to come as freebees for confectionary (GameSpot Japan)
[ Link: GameSpot Japan | Section | Image ]

(GameSpot Japan) Furuta Co.- a confectionary company in Japan, has announced to be releasing the "FinalFantasy Creatures" summon figure series. The FFX summon creature figures will come as a freebee for Furuta's candy. As announced earlier, convenience store Seven-Eleven of Japan will be releasing the limited edition "No.00 Valfare" as a bonus to pre-orders of FFX. Furuta will not release the No.00 Valfare, and begin their series from No.01. "Final Fantasy Creatures" is scheduled for sale in Fall, priced 300 yen per pack.

Thus far, Siva, Diablo, Ifrit, Leviathan, UltimaWeapon, and Greiva(FF8 Midddle final boss) have been confirmed to be a part of the collection. [ Image ]

Final Fantasy The Movie- L'arc en Ciel to Sing Ending Theme
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Sony Pictures and Gaga Humax has announced the ending theme music of their upcoming movie "Final Fantasy The Movie", to be sung by J-Pop artist group "L'arc en Ciel".

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"Garou- Mark of the Wolves" Dreamcast version, set for September release
[ Link: SNK ]

SNK has announced their hit NeoGeo fighter game, "Garou- Mark of the Wolves" for the DreamCast, to be scheduled for release in September- no exact date has yet been announced. The DC version will be a perfect port with no graphical cuts.

A Gallery mode containing all Garou related illustrations will be available as an original mode for the DreamCast. "Garou- Mark of the Wolves" is scheduled for release at 5,800 Yen.

"SNK vs Capcom -Card Fighters 2" -Details announced
[ Link: SNK ]

SNK has released a number of images of their upcoming NeoGeo Pocket Color game, "SNK vs Capcom -Card Fighters 2".

[ Image1 | Image2 | Image3 ]

In addition to Fighter and attack support cards, the game now features "reaction cards" to be used when attacked by the opponent. The game features 424 cards in total; over 100 cards more than its prequel. Cards illustrations have been renewed as well. "SNK vs Capcom -Card Fighters 2" is scheduled for release in September, 4,500 Yen.

Tekken 4 - Official English section opened, Storylines & Controls revealed
[ Link: Namco Arcade | Section ]

Namco has opened their official English section for Tekken 4, revealing the character storylines and game controls. For details, check their site.