News From 06/07/01

Final Fantasy X Official Commercial Trailer Released
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Square and has released an Official commercial trailer of Final Fantasy X. The trailer is in streaming video, approximately 3 minutes long.

For the 64Kbps and higher streaming video, check's Movie Section.
To save the movie for viewing after a download, check the site's Real Media File.

Short comment:
This is the same trailer running in stores right now. If you haven't seen Auron or Rikku in action yet, check this out. -H.Moriarty

Final Fantasy X Theme Song - CD Sample Released
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Square has released a promotional sample of their upcoming Final Fantasy X theme song, "Suteki Da Ne". The 45 second long sampler comes with an introduction announcement, one of which announcer is composer Nobuo Uematsu himself. For the sample, visit's Section.

The Maxi single CD of "Suteki Da Ne" is scheduled for release in 7/19, priced 1300 Yen. The CD will include the vocal & instrumental versions of the song, as well as "Utikisama"- an original song by vocalist Rikki, and "Pure Heart" - the arranged vocal version of Aerith's Theme music from Final Fantasy VII.

Final Fantasy X Figure to come with Reservation at Seven-Eleven Japan
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Convenience store Seven-Eleven of Japan, has announced that a limited edition summon creature figure will come as a bonus for reservations of Final Fantasy X.
While a series of summon creature figures are scheduled to be released for sales as products under the name "Final Fantasy Creatures", the Valfare' figure "Serial No.00" will only be available as a reservation bonus at Seven-Eleven.

The bonus figure will come in three different variations- crystal, metallic, or full color. Reservers cannot select the color- it is chosen randomly.

Official Xenosaga Site opened
[ Link: Xenosaga Official Site ]

Namco has opened the official site for Monolith Soft's upcoming PlayStation 2 game, Xenosaga. The RPG is scheduled for release in December 2001, 2DVD disks, price undetermined.