News From 05/28/01

Tekken 4- Namco releases Basic Game Details
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Namco has released the basic game details regarding their upcoming hit sequel, Tekken 4.

1- Tekken 4 will be released as a complete sequel to Tekken 3. The game will follow the storyline left off since Tekken 3, unlike Tekken Tag Tournament.

2- Tekken 4 takes place 2 years into the future of Tekken 3.

3- Being a sequel and not a dream match like Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 4 is based on one-on-one singular matches, and not a tag battle.

4- Unlike from all previous games in the Tekken series, Tekken 4 will no longer feature an infinite fighting ground- walls wiill now be featured in the game.

Short Comment: Final Fantasy X Midi, out already
[ Yu-ki's Midi Page ]

It's not an official Square release, but a fan site- Yu-ki's Midi Page has released two midi files of Final Fantasy X. The first is the normal battle scene music, and the second is the boss battle music(incomplete). Check out the Site for the music, and be sure to mail the author first for permission if using for a site. -H. Moriarty