News From 05/24/01

Chupiler: Capcom vs SNK 2 E3 Videos -hosted by
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A Special Thanks to Chupiler himself in the BBS for the news.
Note:'s CvS2 section is not linked directly due to the request of the site owner. The videos are accessible from the upper left CvS2 Banner at the site's index.

Chupiler has released 5 short "fair quality" videos of Capcom vs SNK 2 at the E3. The Mpeg Videos can be found at

Video 1- Maki's Dash attack
Video 2- Iori's new Feirce Punch
Video 3- Ratio 4 Haohmaru's Lv3 Super (note what happens to Mai's Full life bar )
Video 4- Maki's MAX Throw super
Video 5- Kyousuke's Double Gen-ei Kick

Chupiler comments that more videos will be available in the near future.

Short Comment: Tired from CvS2 news.. now for some RPG (?) news.
[ Sofmap | Image ]

I've gotten tired of writing too much news on Capcom vs SNK 2 (I'm looking for ward to the game too), but I'm too tired to write news on other subjects as well.

So instead, here's a photo of a limited edition bonus CD that'll be given to people who reserve their copy of Final Fantasy X;.this bonus is for only a chain store called "Sofmap". Other stores have their own special bonuses as well.
-H. Moriarty