News From 05/18/01 Detailed report & images on Capcom vs SNK 2
[ Link: | Article | Images ] has released a Detailed game report and photshots of Capcom vs SNK 2 from the E3 Conventions. For the article and images, check the site.

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Very comprehensive report. Together with the report from Chupiler's site, a good image of Capcom vs SNK 2 can be concreted. Billy Kane is in a background, so probably not playable. I'm starting to think that Capcom selected non-mainsteam characters to have freedom in development. Also, just another peronal guess- there seems to be 14 vacant yellow slots, with two which are far apart from all the others. Are these yellow slots just a part of the screen design, or slots for 12 more character slots, and the remaining 2 possibly as bosses or random selectors? Time will tell. -H.Moriarty

Capcom vs SNK 2- Additional Details of Game & Photos From E3
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A Japanese site "CapS2 Jouhou" (Capcom vs SNK 2 Information) has released a report of the game from the E3 convention,and photoshot images.

The following article is a translation from the site. Also, please note that the notes translated were in first person view- They are not the opinions of the Madman's Cafe. (However, Notes within Brackets [ ] are provided by MMCafe.)

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Short Comment: Short Capcom vs SNK2 E3 report from a Friend
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Here's a short report of Capcom vs SNK2 from a friend of mine named Eddy Tang, currently at the E3 convention. Check it out on the MMCafe BBS if you're up to it. -H. Moriarty