News From 05/17/01

More details & images on Capcom vs SNK 2
[ Link: Cloudchaser Media | Article | Images ]

Special thanks to VariantX for the information., inkblot for groove advice.

Cloudchaser Media has released additional game details and character illustrations regarding Capcom vs SNK 2 from the E3 Conventions. The site covers the 6 new Grooves (3 Capcom styles and 3 SNK styles) in detail. One of the Capcom Groove is similar to the SFA style with aerial blocking and 3 power levels, and another is similar to SF III, with parries. SNK's three Grooves resemble KOF's Extra mode, Advanced mode, and the system of "Garou -Mark of the wolves". For the full article, visit the site.

In addition to Ryuhaku Toudou and Maki, Eagle (Street Fighter 1), Rolento (Final Fight & SFA series), Chang Kohan & Choi Bonge (KOF Series), Rock Howard (Garou), and Hibiki Takane (Last Blade 2) have been confirmed to be in the game as well.

Short comment: Will Choi be a playable character -or a part of Chang, likewise as to how Yang seems like a part of Yun? Time will tell. The illusts (printable HUGE size) from Cloudchaser are from CvS2, but the game screens are from "Pro". CvS2 does not seem to have been announced for the DC at the E3, though it has been in Japan. I strongly doubt that the DC version is just for release within Japan, though. -H.Moriarty