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Capcom vs SNK 2 announced as PlayStation 2 Release, 44 Characters
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Special thanks to HasukiYagamian in the MMCafe BBS for the information.

Capcom has announced their line-up of software and information for the E3 in their Official English site. Information regarding Capcom vs SNK 2 -subtitle renamed to "Mark of the Millenium", goes as follows.

"Two of the worlds fighting giants return in this colossal slug-fest! Now, its time to settle the score! Capcom vs. SNK 2 unleashes lightning fast animation and classic arcade fighting action on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Choose from an arsenal of over 44 characters from the Capcom and SNK fighting universes and customize your fighting style with even more fighting èGrooves.ƒ Capcom vs. SNK 2–a brawl buster of epic proportions!

Platform: Arcade  Rating: Pending  Target release: September 2001"

While Capcom's announcement does not state the game to be a PS2 only release for home console, it does not address the Dreamcast at the current time.

"Fist Of The North Star" sequel begins in the Weekly Bunch magazine

In the new "Weekly Bunch" magazine by Shinchousha publishing, the sequel to "Fist of the North Star" has made its debut. The Sequel is written by the original creators Bu Lonson (script) and Tetsuo Hara (Art).

Named "Souten no ken" - or "The Fist of the Blue Sky" in English, the story takes place in 1935, nearly 64 years before the original story. The main character is Kenshirou, known to be the strongest man in the history of the "Hokuto shin-ken" arts, and uncle to the main character in "The fist of the north star" (who was named after his uncle).

Unlike the post-nuclear world in the original story, "The Fist of the blue sky" takes place in a non-fictional background in Japan, post Japanese-Russo War. Kenshirou- known as "En-oh" (Hell King); the legendary man who destroyed a criminal cartel single handedly in Shanghai, lives a simple life as a college teacher in Japan.

The story begins as one of Kenshirou's old friend from Shanghai risks his life to meet him in Japan by boarding on a Manchurian military vessel as a food tester to the Manchurian Emperor, being a poor beggar with no alternative to travel. The Emperor- always fearing the possibility of an assassination, decides to find the legendary "En-oh" to hire him as protection, and orders his men to follow after Kenshirou's old friend in possibilities that he may know something. When finding Kenshirou, the emperor's thugs attempt to kill him instead, in order not to have their jobs as a bodyguard replaced by him. However, Kenshirou brings defeat over the thugs, and quotes the famous phrase "You're Already dead".

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"Weekly Bunch Magazine" - produced by Coa Magazine and published & distributed by Shinchousha publishing, is the creation of a group of manga artist and related staffs who find recent movements in the manga industry to be unsatisfactory. Staffs include former editors and members of the "Weekly Jump" magazine, as well as voice actor Arika Kamiya.

"City Hunter" sequel? "Angel Heart" begins in the Weekly Bunch magazine

Also a new debut in the "Weekly Bunch" magazine, Tsukasa Houjou- known for his famed title "City Hunter" began a new series "Angel Heart" The Story takes place in Shinjuku, Tokyo- likewise to "City Hunter". The main character is a female assassin from Taiwan, raised strictly to kill.

After the first 3 pages of the opening, the main character commits suicide by falling off a building, not wanting to continue a life of murder. Being an important human resource to her cartel, doctors revive her by implanting a heart, stolen during a transportation. The story takes an interesting turn, as the stolen organ turns out to be that of Kaoru's, from "City Hunter". Her husband- Ryo Saeba (City Hunter's main character), believes that Kaoru (the heart) will return to Shinjuku, through his keen instincts.

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