News From 05/14/01

Final Fantasy X to be released in Normal Version only, Bonus DVD included
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Square formerly announced that two versions of Final Fantasy X will be released- Normal version at 8,800 Yen (1 Disk) and a High Quality version at 10,800 Yen (2 Disks). However, the high Quality version has been canceled from production due to the improvement of quality in the normal version..

As a bonus to Final Fantasy X, a DVD Video Disk will come free with the purchase of the game.

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First Official Final Fantasy X Movie released by Square
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Square has released their first official movie file of Final Fantasy X in their promotion site "".

The File is in their Final Fantasy X's "Act Section", available in streaming low quality Ream Media format (136KB) and downloadable AVI format (12MB).

Downloaded it. It's *not* a trailer, but a recording of an action/motion in the game. For just 8 short seconds where Yuna touches her hair once, 12 MB is a mighty big file. Square didn't seem to have compressed the Avi. -H. Moriarty

Capcom vs SNK PRO -Limited Edition, to be released
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Capcom has announced to release a limited edition set of their upcoming Dreamcast version of "Capcom vs SNK PRO".

Reservable only through Dreamcast-Direct, the limited edition comes with an original wrist band and Sports towel of the game.

The Limited edition of "Capcom vs SNK PRO" is scheduled for release simultaneously with the normal version on 6/14, priced 1000 Yen higher at 4,800 Yen.

Dreamcast Direct Product Samples
Wrist Band | Sports Towel