News From 05/30/03


SNK vs Capcom scheduled for July 20th Release (Challenger AM)

[ Challenger-AM ]

According to Kansai west region arcade operator chain Challenger AM's site, Playmore's upcoming Neo Geo release "SNK vs. Capcom - SVC Chaos", is scheduled for release in July 20th.

In releated news, Challenger-AM also reports "The King Of Fighters 2003" as scheduled for release in the winter.

Short Comment: Man, I missed the first part of this news. I wouldn't be surprised if it was sitting around for quite some time now. -Henry A. Moriarty


News From 05/28/03


SNK vs Capcom, Metal Slug 5 - New images Released

[ Section1 | Section2 ]

Videogame news site, has released additional images of SNK vs Capcom and Metal Slug 5. For the images, check the site's sections.

Special thanks to Freeter for some of the news.

ToHeart 2 announced for Release on the PlayStation2

[ Image1 ]

Aquaplus Inc- the parent company to PC game publisher Leaf.Co., have announced their decision to release the sequel to their popular dating simulation game "To Heart", on the PlayStation2.

While no details on the game itself have been released, the staff have been changed from the original title, which will likely be apparent in the visuals of the game.

ToHeart2 will be mainly produced by the Leaf Tokyo staff, known for their release title "Comic Party". The art staff will be the same from the Dreamcast version of Comic Party, including Misato Mitsumi, Takeshi Nakamura and Amaduyu Tatsuki.

ToHeart2 is scheduled for release in Spring of 2004, price undetermined.


SNK vs Capcom - 4 More New Characters Revealed

[ Images1 | Images2 ]

Playmore has revealed through Enterbrain Co.'s Arcadia magazine of four new additional characters to the roster of "SNK vs Capcom -SVC Chaos". The four new characters goes as follows.

SNK side- Genjuro Kibagami, Kim Kaphwan
Capcom Side- Vega(M.Bison), Sagat

SNK vs Capcom is scheduled for release in the Summer for the NeoGeo MVS.


News From 05/21/03


SNK vs Capcom - Beta testing to begin next month

[ Sun Amusement ]

Playmore subsidiary Sun Amusement has annouced that the beta testing to their upcoming NeoGeo game "SNK vs Capcom" will begin beta testing in Neogeo Land in Osaka Japan from June 6th.

SNK vs Capcom is scheduled for release in Arcades in the summer.


Short Comment- Interviews with SNKNeoGeo, Capcom

Three more articles are up in the web with questions asked to the major fighting game producters. A lot has been asked, and a lot has been answered. Check them out yourselves. (Two articles. One Article, another in Full Mp3) (Capcom Interview is in their article section)
Penny Arcade (Check Gabe's notes from May 19th, 10:11 AM)

- Henry A. Moriarty


News From 05/16/03


Short Comment- Interview with SNKNeoGeo USA

Here's something interesting- an interview article with SNK-NeoGeo USA president Ben Herman, Special thanks to Shyeim. [ Link Here ].

Lots of the questions on everyone's minds gets answered, although it seems that the president isn't 100% clear on all notes.


News From 05/15/03


SNK vs Capcom - 4 New Characters Revealed

[ Playmore | Section ]

Playmore has updated their official site, revealing four new additional characters to the roster of "SNK vs Capcom -SVC Chaos". The four new characters goes as follows.

SNK side- Kasumi Todo, Mr. Karate
Capcom Side- Balrog(vega), M.Bison(Balrog)

For the character illustrations, check the official site.
For footage of the game sample released at the E3 Expo, check , and 16Bit Glory Days.

Special thanks to JJWE for the news.

Short Comment: His nose is.. Big. -Henry A. Moriarty


News From 05/14/03


SNK vs Capcom Images and Footages Released (Updated)

[ | | 16BitGloryDays ]

Playmore has released video footage at the E3 Expo. Images and Video of the footage are available from and 16Bit Glory Days. For the medias, check the site's sections.
Update: has released a high quality footage of the trailer.

Special thanks to RiskBreaker and Fuchikoma for the news.

Short Comment: It's looking to have smooth animation . Nice..! -Henry A. Moriarty


News From 05/07/03


Short Comment- Clarifaication on Rumored Street Fighter Sequel News

Some news sites are reporting that the latest issue of Dorimaga magazine reported that Capcom is making a Sequel to the Street Fighter 2 series. The report even goes into detail that Capcom decided the game to be SF2 style since they didn't want the anime style graphics from SF3, and that the game will take place in between the two series.

To clarify, Dorimaga doesn't mention any of those details. Lord knows where the information came from, maybe another source. My personal guess is that it comes from bad translations. The following are the details to what the magazine's short 6 sentence paragraph actually said.

In the latest issue of Dorimaga (the renewed, new magazine originally known as Dreamcast Magazine published by Softbank), the question of "Will there be a new release for the Street Fighter II series" was asked to Capcom's marketing team.

Capcom's replay was that, the series has been long loved by fans, so there are possibilities of a sequel in some kind of form, although it may or may not be a continuation. Capcom hopes to open special events during the year for the 15th anniversary of the Street Fighter series, and hopes that everyone will keep supporting the series as well.

- Henry A. Moriarty


News From 05/06/03


Game news site to Sell Out

[ Yahoo Archive ]

Dow Jones Business News, Quoted

"IGN Entertainment To Go Private For $12 a Share
SAN FRANCISCO (Dow Jones)--IGN Entertainment Inc. signed a definitive agreement to be acquired for $12 a share, a 50% premium to Friday's closing price of $8. IGN shares fell $1.17, or 12.8%, on Friday.

The operator of game-oriented Web site said in a press release that a new corporation majority-owned by Great Hill Partners LLC will buy IGN's shares.

The deal is worth about $26.4 million, based on IGN's roughly 2.2 million shares outstanding. IGN Chairman Chris Anderson and Chief Executive Mark Jung will hold minority interests in the new entity.The deal is subject to IGN shareholder approval."



News From 05/01/03


Psikyo's closure a Misreport by Arcadia Magazine

[ X-nauts ]

In the latest issue of Enterbrain Co.'s Arcadia magazine, arcade and home developer Psikyo Co. revealed that their game department had closed down, and the magazine bid farewell to the company.

However, Psikyo's parent company X-nauts revealed today that the statement, together with the magazine's supporting comments that Psikyo will be resting eternally, were erroneous.

In a statement in their site, X-nauts comments "There has been mistaken reports made by medias regarding Psikyo's departments. We hope to continue creating and releasing new products under the Psikyo brand and its departments. We wish for your continual support for now and in the future. We have a number of plans for after the summer- please look forward."

Special thanks to Seiji Kita for the news.

Short Comment: Man, what a painful mistake. This is a serious big one that I've ever heard Arcadia.. or in fact, any major magazine making. Apologies from my behalf for picking up on the news. -Henry A. Moriarty


Playmore to open Online Fan Club- "SNK World"

[ Playmore | Section ]

Playmore has announced their upcoming online fan club, "SNK World".

SNK World is scheduled to members only information and other sections, but details are not revealed in the current announcement. Membership for SNK World will be free, and sign-ups will start as soon as the site opens in June. The site will be hosted by two mascot characters, Amp and Yusa.

Special thanks to Hasukii for the news.