News From 03/28/03

"Final Fantasy : Unlimited on PC" Announced for release

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Trading card distributor Amada Printing has announced their release of "Final Fantasy : Unlimited on PC".

Produced under license by SquareEnix, the Windows program will be a card battle adventure game with full voices, and will also include desktop accessories such as wall papers and screen savers. The first release will include a miniature calendar and a trading card.

"Final Fantasy : Unlimited on PC" compatible to Windows 98 and above, and is scheduled for release on May 15th, 6,800Yen.

Special thanks to Namae no nai heya for the news.

Short Comment: Erm.. please don't tell me that this is going to be the first thing released with the company name "Square Enix" labeled on it... hope not. -Henry A. Moriarty


News From 03/27/03

SNK vs Capcom Game Concept revealed, Additional characters announced

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Playmore has revealed additional details and characters throught Enterbrain publishing's Arcadia magazine, regarding their upcoming release- "SVC Chaos- SNK vs Capcom".

In addition to the characters already revealed through Playmore's official site (Kyo Kusanagi, Ryu, Iori Yagami, Ken Masters, Mai shiranui, Chun-li), Hugo from the Street Fighter 3 series and Earthquake from the Samurai Shodown series have been announced to be included in the game.

Playmore revealed the concept of SvC to be "SSI" - Simple(simple controls), Speedy(Speedy gameplay), and Insight(deep gameplay). The other concept of SvC is "Not a match", refering the game to not be tournament style like "Capcom vs SNK 2" or the "King Of Fighters" series. It is unknown if this part (Not a match) will have any effect to the actual gameplay.

"SVC Chaos- SNK vs Capcom" is currently under development by Playmore with partical license by Capcom. The game is scheduled for release in the summer on the MVS.

Short Comment- Magna Carta artist draws Soul Calibur 2

Another pretty interesting thing in the latest issue of Arcadia magazine, the magazine comes with a poster of Soul Calibur 2 drawn by Kim Hyung-Tae, the artist of "Magna Carta" and "The War of Genesis" series.

There's also an one page interview in the middle of the magazine, where Kim comments that he likes 3D fighters in general but just doesn't have the time to play them nowadays. Other points noted in the in the interview: Kim's favorite characters design wise in Soul Calibur 2 are Seung Mina, 2P Cassandra, and SC1's Mitsurugi. His play characters are Taki and Ivy.
Kim's favorite illustrators include Renji Murata (Power Instinct, Groove on Fight) and Akihiro Yoshida (Vagrant story).

The poster is a bit too big to scan aside from its thumbnail, so here's a monochrome version.
[ Image ]

Those of you who really want it should purchase the mag. Also, subscribers to "Comickers" magazine should look forward to the next issue, which will show Kim's process in drawing the image, and will include a longer interview.

- Henry A. Moriarty

Short Comment- Great way of hiding images

Here's an interesting method of using CTRL+A (or highlighting) under Internet Explorer -try doing it on [ This Image ].

The details on how it actually works and how to make your own are all written in
[ ], so check it out and try making your own. Special thanks to Techside for the news.

- Henry A. Moriarty

Short Comment- Valkerie and Kai Costumes to be in Soul Calibur 2 ?

It's bit of an old news, but a number of images of Soul Calibur 2 with what seems to be three Namco's historical characters- Valkerie, Kai and Waya-hime, are floating around the net.

It's most likely that only their costumes are in there as alternate colors for existing characters, but it's quite interesting nevertheless. Lizardman seems to be in the game as well. The following images originate from an Image Board in Chinese.
[ Lizardman1 | Lizardman2 | Character Select | Valkerie | Kai and Waya-hime ].

Special thanks to Fugo for the news.

- Henry A. Moriarty


News From 03/20/03

Playmore Announces "SNK vs. Capcom - SVC CHAOS"

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SNK successor Playmore has announced their upcoming major release, "SNK vs Capcom" in their official site.

While the title was already tentatively announced last year as an upcoming MVS release, this is the first time that any details have been given on the game. Officially titled "SNK vs Capcom - SVC Chaos", the game's logo and an illustration is posted in Playmore's site together with the words "This summer, a new battle begins in the arcades" written in Japanese. Six characters are apparent in the illustration, and goes as follows:

SNK Side: Kyo Kusanagi, Iori Yagami, Mai shiranui
Capcom Side: Ryu, Ken, Chun-li

"SNK vs Capcom - SVC Chaos" is scheduled for release in the Summer on MVS. For the logo and illustration, check the official site.

Special thanks to Sha-V for the news.

Short Comment- Capcom All-Stars Not Canned, Says Capcom

This is quite interesting. Capcom All-Stars, which was a no-show at the AOU and was rumored to have halted from development, is apparently still going to be released.

For the exact details, check the
[ Mail Reply ] reply given to Juan Ramirez from Capcom. And by the way, nice [ Akiman Portrait ] , Juan!

- Henry A. Moriarty On a side note, I saw a few of the SRK guys playing at an arcade in Tokyo a day ago during my way back from the bank. They were doing a hell of a lot better on Third Strike than I remembered hearing. I didn't have the courage to say a word to Alex Valle until the last second before leaving, since he was on a pretty bad losing streak on CvS2. I with the guys the very best in the Super Battle Opera tournament.