August, 2002

- The King Of Fighters 2002 - Eolith Site Opens
- BeatMania III - The Final, Official Site Opens
- Short Comment- Videogames Banned by Government in Greece
- Short Comment- Bald World Cup Judge Collina, Eats Balls

- Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced- Images, Details Released
- M.A.M.E suspected for Unlicensed use in Online Arcade Services
- KOF2002 Beta Test Report Collecation (Update #4)
- MIT Steals from Comic Book, Wins Award from US Army
- Short Comment- Bloody Roar 3 Debug Images from Last Year

- KOF2002 - Official Site Opens

- KOF2002 Beta Test Report Collation (Update #3)

- KOF2002 Beta Test Report Collation (Update #2)
- KOF2002 Beta Test Report Collation (Updated)
- KOF2002 Moves List copy Released (2Ch)
- Short Comment- KOF2002, Current News, Roster (Updated)

- Ikaruga Confirmed for GameCube Release - Treasure Official Site
- Manga/Anime series "You're Under Arrest" to go TV Drama

- Kingdom Hearts -Final Mix- to be Released in Winter (Mainichi Interactive)
- KOF2002 Beta Testing Poster, Photgraphed (Channel KOF)
- Short Comment- Eolith deletes Images from Index Banner Flash
- Short Comment- "Bang The Machine"
- Short Comment- Quick Question:: Who am I?

- Rage of the Dragon's Evoga Interview (Double Dragon Dojo)
- Crazy Taxi PC Demo Released (
- Short Comment- Glove On Fight's Creator, Releases Ragnarok Flash
- Short Comment- Ragnarok Online Character Maker
- Short Comment- Quick Ruthrough on recent Doujin Fighters
- Short Comment- The Lung:: Smoker vs Non-smoker

- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle- First footage Released
- The King OF Fighters 2002, Beta Test to Begin August 24th
- Watanabe Seisakujo releases first Demo, "Melty Blood" for the PC
- Short Comment- Question. What is the Comic Market?

- Square makes Official Announcement on Releases for Nintendo
- Short Comment- Mario in Playboy Magazine, Spraying over Girl
- Short Comment- Ape Escape Merchandise Madness
- Short Comment- Love Hina, Author's Marriage Ceremony

- Guilty Gear XX Announced for PlayStation 2
- Shonen Jump manga artist Arrested for Underage Sex
- Short Comment- Final Fantasy : Unlimited, Site still being Updated...!
- Short Comment- The Bonus that comes with the Special Edition of Final Fantasy I&II PS

- Ragnarok Online- International/English Server and Services Closed

- Capcom Illustrator Akiman interviewed, BPM Magazine
- Shonen Jump English site Renewed, Grand Opening
- Tecmo Itagaki Comments DOA Volleyball to Originally be a Female Character Showcase

- Playmore makes Official Statement on upcoming Home Console Releases
- Sega Officially States Eternal Arcadia for the PlayStation2, Canceled
- Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku (New Power Instinct)- Site Opens, Partial cast revealed
- Eternal Fighter Zero Ver 2.00 -Blue Sky Edition- Announced
- Short Comment- Capcom All-Stars a Rumor, Not Official
- Short Comment- Shounen Jump arrvies on Shelves today... So, how is it?
- Short Comment- KOF2001 Angel, Taken from Wrestler?