July, 2002

- King Of Fighters 2002 to be Dream Match- October Release, Illusts next Month
- Unlimited Saga- Official Site Renewed, Images Available
- Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution Delayed to August 7th
- Short Comment- Capcom to release a new arcade shooter with a third party company. But...

- GameSpot Hides SpyWare & Digital Rights Controller in New Download Manager
- "Capcom Fun Site" up, to Open Officially in September
- Short Comment- POP-UP Ads on TV.. What will they invent next!!

- Aliens vs. Predator movie in the works (GameSpot PC)
- Short Comment- Question of the Day... What would Capcom Characters look in SNK Style?
- Short Comment- Can't wait for Ikaruga? Start Dodging.
- Short Comment- Guess Quiz #2:: Name all the Characters

- Sega announces Sonic Mega Collection for the Nintendo GameCube
- Sega announces Sonic Advance 2, Images
- Namco Tales Of Destiny 2 Site Updated, Additional Battle System Details Revealed
- Square opens Official Unlimited Saga Site
- Namco Soul Calibur 2 - Three Hidden Characters Revealed
- Treasure Re-releases Ikaruga Hi-Score Trailer Videos

- Short Comment- Any good Broadband Media Sites? Tell it!

- (Updated) Dead Or Alive 4 News, Restated by Bloomberg Japan
- Square Announces "Unlimited Saga" for the PlayStation 2

- Evolution 2002 - USA vs Japan International Capcom Matches to take place since 2 Years
- New York Times documents Midway's Financial Crisis, Stocks Dropped to Half Price in past week
- JoJo's Bizzare Adventure for the PS2 - Official Site Renewal Grand Opening
- Short Comment- Chest Guess Quiz:: Name all the Characters
- Short Comment- Anime "Overman King-Gainer" with Capcom's Kinu & Akiman
- Short Comment- Capcom's Akiman, draws Capcom's Kinu
- Short Comment- ToHeart Artist Site
- Short Comment- Watanabe Seisakujo next title, Delayed

- Square's Top Stockholder Sells shares Overseas (Bloomberg Japan)
- Namco Opens Official Site for Tales OF Destiny 2
- Evolution 2002 - Capcom based US Tournament, Trailer Released
- Short Comment- NinjaBurger.com, "Guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less, or we commit Seppuku!"
- Short Comment- If you thought Anime conventions were bad... check the streets of Tokyo.

- Playmore Confirms SNK vs Capcom, KOF2002 and Shin Gouketsuji for release on Home NeoGeo
- Tales of Destiny 2 - Details and Images Revealed
- Short Comment- Question on KOF2001 for the PS2, getting lots of mails...

- Eternal Fighter Zero Patch 1.20 Released

- Short Comment- Quick style Update for the Day

- Sakura Wars - Upcoming Series and Projects announced (GameSpot Japan, Gpara, Impress, Bloomberg)
- Limited Edition PlayStation2 to be released, Skeleton Models (Impress GameWatch)
- Short Comment- KOF2001 Angel, Taken from Wrestler?