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Complete listing of Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Characters (3/19/00)

The full characters roster for Marvel Vs Capcom 2, has been revealed.

Please note however, that the release is not official news from Capcom and thus may possibly contain error(s). Also, the roster pertains to the arcade Naomi version of Marvel Vs Capcom 2, and not that of the DreamCast.

Capcom Side
Default Hidden
Ruby Heart Jill Valentine
Amingo Tron
Hayato Kobun
SonSon Rockman (Megaman)
Ryu Roll
Guile Felicia
Gouki (Akuma) Ken
Zangief Chun-li
Morrigan Dhalsim
Anakaris Nash (Charlie)
Bulleta (BBHood) Sakura Kasugano
Captain Commando Dan Hibiki
Strider Hiryu Cammy
Jin Saotome Vega (M. Bison)
Marvel Side
Default Hidden
Cable Admantium-less Wolverine
Marrow Colossus
Cyclops Rogue
Gambit Psylocke
Wolverine Storm
Iceman Sabertooth
Magneto Omega Red
Juggernaut Spiral
Spiderman Silver Samurai
Venom Sentinel
Captain America Iron Man
Hulk War Machine
Dr. Doom BlackHeart
Shuma Gorauth Thanos

Of the hidden characters, the three sillouettes shown above will be available for free VM download via the Tokyo Gameshow, open to the public on 4/1-4/2/00. ( Sillouettes provided by Goo HotChannel )

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 has already been relased in the arcades. The DreamCast Version is schedueld for release on 3/30, priced 5800 Yen.

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