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Additional Extra Strikers in KOF Evolution (3/16/00)

Special thanks to ChaRles! of PaoPaoCafe, for the news.

Additinal exclusive strikers have been announced for the Dreamcast's KOF'99 Evolution, through the game's official web site.

While not announced to be in KOF2000 like Seth and Vanessa, the two characters are Metal Slug's Fio, and FatalFury RealBout2's Alfred. The following are their profiles.


Fighting Style Official Military Combat
Birthdate 10/2
Age 22
Birthplace Italia (Jeneva)
Blood-Type O
Height 158cm
Weight 43Kg
Hobbies Cooking, Embroidery
Favorite Foods Queeen Marry Ice Tea
Favorite Sports Social Dance
Treasures Her bear Peppino,
who she was with since her birth
Dislikes Hot Drinks, Hot Tub
As a Striker, Fio drops on the screen from a parachute and attacks the opponent.

Fighting Style Self Taught (Based on Karate chops)
Birthdate 5/25
Age 18
Birthplace United States
Blood-Type A
Height 176cm
Weight 65Kg
Hobbies Bird Watching
Favorite Foods Fruits in General, Japanese Tea
Favorite Sports Sky diving
Treasures His personal Plane
Dislikes Ships, Cars (Somehow gets motion sick)
As a striker, Alfred flys form the top of the screen, executing his "May Day!" attack.

KOF '99-Evolution for the DreamCast is scheduled for release on 3/30, priced 5800 yen.
For the Official KOF99-Evolution Dreamcast Site, check .

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