Happy April Fools! Both News From Yesterday were Tricks.
      - 4.2.01

At first, I wasn't going to post any April Fools. I had one ready which Used Dan, but everyone around me said that the image looked too fake, and... it was from Street Fighter second strike, which is too old.

However, I saw thegia.com's "Funky Fantasy" article. It was intricately made and looked very real, probably with a lot of help from the webmaster of video-senki.com. I'm sure that many people believed it, and I may have too if I didn't notice the giveaways, such as the article conflicting to release schedules; the weekly Famitsu (Fri) is released after the weekly Jump (Mon). FYI, neither the weekly Famitsu nor Jump had such articles, and I've never heard of a DJ Majestic in the night clubs of Tokyo either. But in any case, the April Fool was very well made, and I was inspired to finish off the prank with the Second Strike picture.

The original image of this Dan in Second Strike is from a Doujin artist's site "Katou Seiki Seisakujo"- a copy of the original artwork is here (I changed the fonts and added dust & noises to the original, to make it look more like a scan) , but I suggest you go check out his site for the sake of supporting an artist. I found about about him after visiting the the support site to the upcoming "All About QOH By Funky Monk Vega" (what a name)- check out that cover of the fighter strategy guidebook drawn by the same Dan artist Katou402, it's really nicely done as well.

Oh, and that Mai Shiranui thing, who in the world fell for that? That's just the middle frame in between her Chun-li and Mai costume change!

-So, were the April Fools believeable? If I find the time next year, maybe I'll plan something even more sinister...

-Henry Adams Moriarty

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