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"'Super Mario Maker 2'" , posted Sat 28 Sep 07:06post reply

So, "Super Mario Maker 2" was released a few months back. While people enjoy playing levels, I actually enjoy making them more, as the process makes my creative juices flowing. I made a line of levels gathered into a collection called "Super Mario Side Story", mimicking an actual "Mario" game. The first two worlds are easy, and the same should be typed for some of the middle courses, but the final two worlds are not. Sure, there are checkpoints, platforms with three panels at the very least (unlike the original eighth world) and sane holes (with gaps no longer than 3 panels), but the levels are no cake walks.

As I'm about to create the final "world" for "Side Story", this is where you guys come in for my upcoming line called "Super Mario Fan Story". If you've always wanted to have a level created, but you don't have the game, creative juices, or if you have the game, you don't have an extra upload slot seeing that 64's the limit, you can tell me the details. Here's what I'll need.

Game mechanics - "Original", "3", "World", "DS" and "3D Land"

Game environment - Ground, under, castle, water, airship, desert, sky, ice, ghoul house, or forest

Difficulty - Easy/Normal/Hard (difficulty determines how late your level will be, and hard tells me you want insane jumps in some form)

Time - 500's the max, but the lowest I'll go's 300 unless your level's short. In that case, it's 200.

Autoscroll - Y/N

Length - 1-10, though the shortest I'll go is really 3 or 4

Check point flag - Y/N (Y = every game but "3", and N = "3", and if you pick N, you can add a requirement if you desire)

Details - Well, any extra notes. You can have me place your name in the description if you wish.

Thank you guys. (・ω・)