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"Fire Emblem Thracia 776 translation/romhack" , posted Wed 31 Jul 02:00post reply

Vice, of all places, has a great article about the translation and romhacking pit of doom known as Thracia 776!


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"Re(1):Fire Emblem Thracia 776 translation/rom" , posted Wed 31 Jul 12:26post reply

Impressive! While fan translations have their drawbacks, foremost among them the fact that they seldom have truly fluent speakers or good writers, I've always been impressed by their ability to corral a volunteer team together that must often do some serious reprogramming, without access to the original creators like official releases today. Everything from graphics to coding nightmares like this must conspire against some of these projects.

You'll see some neat solutions to English problems emerge in some of these: I found a translation of the SFC version of Fuurai No Shiren for some friends, and while the script can be charitably described as "wack," they managed to solve the problem of a Blank Scroll item on which you can write the name of any existing scroll to achieve its effect---easy in Japanese because of the economy of characters, but it required adding a note in English on each normal scroll indicating what its "code word" would be for inscribing on Blank Scrolls since the full English name would be far too long.

I guess we'll always have Arche and her tiger-like skills.