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"Soul Calibur 3 large update" , posted Tue 9 Aug 12:19:post reply

Lots of material at Gamespot today.

Character creation and Chronicles of the Sword preview

New media aplenty (gameplay footage 2 shows a lot of interesting new moves)

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"Re(1):Soul Calibur 3 large update" , posted Wed 10 Aug 01:22post reply

The new characters look like they are going to handle pretty well. I especially liked the animation on the woman in the kimono although at this point I'm still not sure what is going to distinguish the guy with the scythe from Astaroth and Rock. [Note to self: learn the names of the new characters.]

The CAW mode continues to intrigue. I'm pretty certain I'll try to make lame approximations of the SS cast as soon as I finish making the Sonny Chiba knock-off I've always wanted in a fighting game.

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"Re(2):Soul Calibur 3 large update" , posted Wed 10 Aug 07:21post reply

Creating a brand new character sounds really interesting! It looks like a kind of RPG game!
And yes, the three new characters seem to be promising. But were their stories already released? IŽd like to know SetsukaŽs story...

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