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"Ys Fergana no Chikai very easy & Inferno" , posted Fri 15 Jul 17:38post reply


ねんがんの ネ申ゲーをてにいれたぞ!


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"Re(1):Ys Fergana no Chikai very easy & Infern" , posted Fri 15 Jul 22:35post reply


But is it any good in the first place?

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"Re(2):Ys Fergana no Chikai very easy & Infern" , posted Sat 16 Jul 06:02post reply

The short answer: It's fast and the music is awesome. Therefore, it's perfect Ys.

However, I have found myself listening to the soundtrack instead of playing the game, not because the game is bad (the gameplay is like Ys 6 only way better), but because I'm fed up with shitty Ys scenarios and art.

There are lots of different "levels" of artists. Geniuses (like Akiman), talented artists that may or may not get picked up by companies (like the Baten Kaitos artist), a sea of mediocre CG fan artists and people who do the endless number of hentai games that come out...and then the bottom feeders who do Ys artwork and failed Jump one-shots.

I don't know where they find these talentless pieces of crap that can't draw unique faces or even get proportions right. Dated designs like Ys has need to have life breathed into them. That's why I was so excited about the Ys Eternal Opening(s), where Adol had a REAL FACE not a generic "whatever" anime one. Naturally, they don't use the ONE talented artist they find in the game itself. Then Taito taunts me by getting Akiman to do an illustration for the Ys 3 remake only to have the WORST ART EVER in the game. Have you SEEN Dogi's MUSCLES!?!? I'm fed up.

But let's put that aside. We all know the Ys art is going to suck, and I guess we all know that the scenario is going to suck, too...but when I played the new Ys I was just...I couldn't take it. When I hadn't played Ys 3 in years, it didn't bother me, but since I just played Ys 3 a few months ago, I was NOT ready to go through the same stupid scenario again.

I know Ys is about gameplay (and music), but they need some new people on their creative team. I'll get over it in a month or so, but...for now, I have other games to play and LOTS of work to do.

The soundtrack really is amazing, though. I mean REALLY amazing. One of the best game soundtracks ever, hands down. I can't say enough nice things about it. It brought tears to my eyes on more than one account.