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"Nejibako, Wanda to Kyozo" , posted Thu 14 Jul 08:23post reply

Wanda : 10/27

Nejibako : 07/27
I always need a little time of reflexion when the release date of Nejibako is changed (every 3 days) : "wait, it hasn't been released YET ?"
This is the exact opposite of the Killer 7 effect.

ねんがんの ネ申ゲーをてにいれたぞ!


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"Re(1):Nejibako, Wanda to Kyozo" , posted Thu 14 Jul 08:44post reply

Why even announce a release date at this point? They should just plop it down somewhere, say "here" and run. It's how business is done in this modern age.