Tokyo Game Exposition Uncovered!

This April 4, 5 and 6th the Tokyo Game Expo held place in Ariake', TOKYO (geez, that's hard to figure out, eh?). The Madman = Howlin' Mad -H- was there to witness all the excitement and check out the major coverage that he was interested in.

As expected the Game show attracted crowds in the thousands creating a line to the expo that was at least 80 yards long. Well I, as suggested in my nickname am rather Mad, so took the easy road and slipped by the line, ending up having to wait only 20 minutes or so compared to the 2 or 3 hours it would've really took me had I been true and honest. Worst part about the line for the expo was, the weather was very bad and raining, so everyone had to wait in the shower for all that time. Once inside it was crowded as well, but at least it was warm (actually, it was disgustingly sweaty humid with everyone's body heat and odor) and wasn't raining.

There were many people with in character costumes. A lot of Kyo Kusanagi(KoF Series) and Iori Yagami, a handful of Kasumi (DoA), a few pairs of Cloud and Tiffa (FF7), and one Chunli (SF2) to name just a couple, but this is only a short count on amature costume wearers, not to count the others working for the corporations.

There were over 100 booths, and many of them were interesting. Enix's booth looked like a little town, Virgin's reminded one of a dance floor, but perhaps the most eye boggling was HudsonSoft's smoke-blowing edifice for Virus, and Warp's Japanese-looking section with a target shooting game and lottery drawings. Some other popular corporations were swarmed by so many people I didn't even feel like going an inch near it, like SquareSoft's area and Compile's booth.

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