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Namco Overall
Namco Booth
Namco's booth presented different games in almost all of its 4 walls making their booth. One side in particular held an interesting games in freeplay- one was Soul Caliber. Inside the booth itself, a series of machines with Ace Combat 3 were playable. Three very unexpected titles which were announced at the TGS- but not exhibited for play, were Dragon Valor, Star Ixion and Yoshimoto Meitantei. 
Soul Caliber
Soul Caliber Shot- Borrowed From
Soul Caliber 
Namco was true to their word when presenting their DreamCast version of Soul Caliber as "surpassing the arcade quality". While the game was only 40% complete and some characters were not yet available, it was quite evident that the graphics were better than that of the arcade's quality. (note: Madman went to play the game at the arcades later the same day to compare.. his eyes were hurting. That's how different the quality is.) 
Soul Caliber Shot- Borrowed From
About the DreamCast version of Soul Caliber 
In order to bring the best out for the DreamCast version, both the character models and stages have gone through a remake. By doing so, the character's figure has become more smooth, the stage looks more three-dimensional, and the textures used in the game have become more detailed. In addition, with the use of floating decimals, even more detailed movement has been possible for the DC version. 
Soul Caliber Shot- Borrowed From
Namco notes that the usual game modes will be even more powered up in the DC version of Soul Caliber. It has also been hinted that Namco will make many special additions to the game "as usual", making Soul Caliber a treat for fans and a grand debut on the DreamCast for Namco. 
Dragon Valor
Dragon Valor

Dragon Valor was only available in a presentation form of video. 
Dragon Valor plays in the tradition of Namco's classic Dragon Buster series, but this time around the player fights in a 3D plane, walking around defeating dragons as usual. 

Star Ixion
Star Ixion was presented on Namco's one and only 300 Inch LED Screen, which on its own was something to talk about. Star Ixion is a game which has collected all of the historical Namco shooting characters into one game, such as those from their hit game Star Luster. 
Yoshimoto Meitantei
Yoshimoto Meitantei (note: not related to Yoshimitsu in any way) is a game consisting of approximately 30 Japanese Comedians from the Yoshimoto comedy production located in the Western Kansai region. The game is very domestic and most chances are, it will not be available outside of Japan. 
PukuPuku Este
PukuPukun Este
Namco also presented their new portable game(?) machine called PukuPuku Este. The portable measures human body fat and can be used to keep up on diets.