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While Square did not have a big title enough to match wits with their Final Fantasy VIII from their last TGS presentation, nevertheless Square showed some unexpected titles.
The two most unique titles were Racing Lagoon and Cyberorg. 

Racing Lagoon
Racing Lagoon Advertisement
Like the title suggests, Racing Lagoon is a car game. The game takes place in Japan's Yokohama in 1999. The main character Akasahi sho is a member of the Bay Lagoon Racing team and drives around to uncover the mysteries of a driving legend.

Expected in a Square game, Racing Lagoon is not just only a car action game but has aspects of RPG. 
The player moves around the city of Yokohama gaining information, and encounters events and battles. 
Battles take the form of racing,, in different situations. Public road, back allies, and chicken racing are just some of the few courses. By winning against enemies, the player can grab parts from them and use it to customize their own car. 

Racing Lagoon is scheduled for 5/27, priced at 5800 Yen. A demo will come free with a purchase of Saga Frontier 2.

Screen Shots
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A game very unusual game for Square which can be stereotyped as "American-style", CyberOrg is a futuristic 3D action game with a Sci-fi atmosphere. The stages are filled with puzzles and traps, and randomly produced dungeons/stages are also present.  The game is scheduled for 4/22, priced at 5800 yen.
Cyberorg Shots

Saga Frontier 2
 Saga Frontier 2 plays in the traditional fashion of the Saga series with its free scenario system. SF2's storyline  involves from a fight of the Gustauv family. While the game's fighting screen has a background that is a rotating flat-image polygon similar to Final Fantasy Tactics, the rest of the graphics such as towns, are drawn in a fashion which makes the game look like watercolor based. 
Saga Frontier 2 is Scheduled for release on 4/1, priced at 6800 yen. 5 CD jackets will come free with its purchase at convenience stores.

Legend Of Mana
Legend of Mana
 Square's largest exhibition at this TGS was Seiken Densetsu- Legend of Mana. The game was playable at a levitated stage in their booth, and many visitors were seen lining up in the public showing. 

The Legend of Mana has familiar characters such as the rabbit-like enemy and the cat merchant Nikita, and plays similar to the first of its series on SFC in means of walking around towns and going into battles. However, otherwise from those points the game is extremely different and unique. There are no 3D polygons used in the Legend of Mana, and the game presents a very Melhen-fantasy style atmosphere that is very soft and peaceful. The fantasy flavor of the game is very strong, and can even be seen in the world map which is startlingly empty when the game begins. By talking to others and learning that- in this world objects exist because people believe in them, the player receives "artifacts". Artifacts are items which symbolizes towns and dungeons that the player's character can believe in. When the player puts an artifact on the map, the artifact then turns into a real town or dungeon that can be entered.

Legend of Mana is scheduled for release in the Summer. A demo comes free with the purchase of Saga Frontier 2. A detailed article will be available later in the MMCafe.

Legend Of Mana
Front Mission 3

 Another surprising hit title sequel, Front Mission 3 was on display at Square's booth. The game takes place 10 years from its prequel, with Yokosuka bombed. The slogan of the game is "People always grab peace from each other".

Front Mission 3 is scheduled for release on 1999 summer.

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