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Capcom Booth
Some companies were seen giving different items on press and public day, and Capcom was one of the good examples. While on press day a nice catalogue based on information was handed out, the catalogue on public day was really meant for the fans- it was a folded booklet which had game info, but could also be opened up for a wall-size poster of Dino Crisis.  
Dino Crisis is Capcom's upcoming Dinosaur horror game which features the fear of a colossal animal breaking through walls & etc. with brute strength, compared to the fear of popping out zombies in Resident Evil/BioHazard. Labeled as a "Panic horror" game, Dino Crisis is scheduled for release on the PSX for July. 
Capcom's lineup was in a handful for the DreamCast. In addition to the already released Power Stone, Street Fighter Zero 3 and Marvel vs Capcom were playable. 
SF3 3rd
While no new information was given on the arcade game "Street Fighter 3- 3rd stirke"  since this the TGS is a home console exhibition, thevideo clip from the AOU show was shown in rotation with other videos, expressing Capcom's seriousness to the game. 
Jojo's Bizzare Adventure (Jojo's Venture) for the Playstation was shown in a video clip presentation. The Stands were opaque, suggesting that either the video was actually that of an arcade machine, or Capcom decided not to use half-transparencies for the PSX version. 
Horror Dome
Not much new info was available for BioHazard: Code Veronica at Capcom's booth.  
BioHazard: Code Veronica is the sequel to BioHazard 2, and features BH2's Clair Redfield as the main character. While the game was not playable, a Horror Dome full of monitors showed clips of the game. BioHazard:Code Veronica takes place 3 months after the BH2 incident, as Clair gets jailed into a prison of a Southern Island on her search to the Umbrella Corporation in Europe. In BH:Veronica, enemies are not just zombies but also normal human beings who attack in hysteria. Thus enemies will be even tougher, for this time around some have brains and can be waiting to ambush the player, or possibly await with a trap. 
In a very interesting news abit different from game presentation, Capcom released news of a scheduled Street Fighter Zero/Alpha anime. Thus so far the ever popular Ryu, Ken, Sakura and Chun-li(SF2 classic Style) are scheduled to be in the anime. The plot seems to be centered on the secrets to  Gouki/Akuma's dark power, and a doctor related to him. Staffs from the anime "Berserk" and "Ghost in a Shell" areparticipating in the creation of this anime.
DC's SFZ3 was pure to the arcade version in graphics and frames, but had the additional features from the PSX version including the hidden characters of Guile, Fei-long, Deejay and T.Hawk. In addition, DC's SFZ3 has the following new features. 
SFZ3 Dc ver's Image Illust
1- Free teamups in Dramatic Battle mode 
Players can choose their teamups in the dramatic battle mode, unlike in the arcade version where the two characters are predetermined. 

2- Enhanced World Tour Mode 
New powerup features and special abilities will be available for the DC version. 

3- Network Features (Note: no network human-to-human play was mentioned) 
   a. Saikyou-ryu Dojo 
   Play using an original ISM made from the world tour mode. By playing special CPU opponents by connecting to the network, players will be ranked and new ISM abilities may be  given depending on the grade. 

   b. Score Ranking 
   Players can register their scores. 

   c. Bulletin Board 
   Players can exchange information with a Bulletin Board 

Street Fighter Zero 3 is scheduled for release in summer, priced at 5800 yen. The game is arcade stick compatible, works with the VGA box and shake pack.

Justic Academy 2
Justice Academy 2
Capcom's greatest title came in the form of a Video Clip: Justice Academy 2. 
New Character, Nagare
New Character, Ran
Over 10 new characters have been drawn for the game, 2 of them being playable characters. One is a 3rd year male swimmer named "Nagare", and the other is a female cameraman/newspaper club member named Ran. 

JA2 features new mini-games, new episodes, new tests, new edits and Pocketstation compatibility. 

Dancing Game
Sprint Minigame
A number of new interesting mini-games such as the marathon "the sprint of flames" and dancing game "Doki-Waku-Dance" have been added in JA2. 

Edit characters 
The edit system now has even more editable characters, triple the face parts, and hairstyle and personality can also be customized as well as the CPU's algorithm/pattern. By changing the data to a password, players can fight against each other even if living in a distant. 

Game system 
No much changes have been mentioned in the gaming system. However it has been mentioned that the old characters have been renewed in some form, and a new wake-up system has been added, where the player can move around while recovering when blasted into the air. 
Game Events
Additional new events and new tests have been added to the game, including a system where a teacher judges the character's level of friendship. By playing through events, the player can acquire points to buy trading cards and Pocketstation games. 

Justice Academy 2 is scheduled for June, priced at 5800 yen. The game is multi-tap and Dual-shock compatible. 

Additional Images: Image will pop out in different frame or window. 
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Marvel vs Capcom DC
DC version's Marvel vs Capcom seemed also arcade perfect, but the game has an extra mode called "Cross-fever mode" where all 4 characters can be controlled by different players, the power meter automatically refills to Max once it gets consumed, and the variable cross time is double that of the usual arcade mode. Street Fighter Zero 3 is scheduled for release in summer, priced at 5800 yen. The game is arcade stick compatible, works with the VGA box and shake pack.
Rockman Dash Sequel
The Tron team
Rockman Dash's sequel, "Tron ni Kobun" was announced. Tron from the Rockman Dash series is the main character this time, leading 40 minions. While there are RPG missions and puzzles in the game, Tron ni Kobun is labeled as "action variety". The game is scheduled for release in summer, priced at 5800 yen. 
Action Screen
Operation Room


Gaia Master
Image illust
Gaia Master is a completely new title announced by Capcom, a board game with card battles. Up to 4 players can participate, and the game changes depending on the character used. The game is scheduled for release in summer, priced at 5800 yen. 
Card Battle
Attack Effect