Sony At TGS
Sony had some perhaps the longest waiting line for their pamphlets-- any why not, after all not only are the the most popular booth, but they were also giving away free demo CDs of 4 games- Poporouge, Regaia Legend, Yuki War No Hana, and 2999 no Game kids.
IQ final and Crash Bandicoot 3 were on display and playable, but Sony's main game in this TGS was not a playstation game, but a portable machine.
 The Greatest presentation that Sony made was their new portable game machine- visitors of the Sony booth were also greeted with plastic model stickers fairly identical to the machine.    Sony's PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) named Pocket Station is compatible to the Playstation- more details on the actual games later.
Pocket Station is scheduled for  12/23/98 at the moment. Its specs goes as follows-
(PDA) Pocket Station Model SCPH-4000
Memory 2K Byte RAM  
128K Byte Flash RAM (works also as Memory Card/ No battery needed)
Display 32 x 32 Pixels Monochrome
Sound 1 Miniature speaker (10 Bit PCM)
Buttons 5 Input Buttons  
1 Reset Button
Communication Two way Wireless (IrDA) 
Remote Control
ETC Serial ID, 1 red LED, 1 Button-type battery (Cr2032), Calendar ability, band strap
Weight and Size 30G including battery (approx) 
64(Height) x 42(length) x 13.5(width) mm
Color White or Transparent
 The Pocket Station is a Playstation Memory card with the ability to enjoy an application downloaded from the Playstation machine and its software. By doing so, Playstation owners can enjoy their downloaded app anywhere while outside (park, train, work, etc). And also, due to its internal clock the downloaded app' on the Pocketstation can affect the Playstation game by date/season, and vice versa.
(IE: with a downloaded mini-game from the Playstation, the player can grow a character with the Pocketstation and then use it in the playstation)
Since the Pocketstation can communicate with other Pocketstations due to its two way wireless ability, trading data is possible. Data exchange between other wireless hardware which follows the IrDA is also possible. The PocketStation is about the same size as a memory card and comes in two colors- White and skeleton.
Games applicable to the PocketStation goes as follows-
Monster Compleworld Idea Factory 99/2
Susume! Kaizoku Art Dink 98/12
Lunatic Dawn III Art Dink 98/12
Circuit no Ookami MTO ???
Theme Acquarium Electronic Arts 98/12
Karolinko Orashion 99/Spring
Street Fighter Zero 3 Capcom 98/12
Purumui Purumui Culture Publishers 99/2
Burger Burger 2 Gaps 99/1
Moster Race Koei 98/12
Seebas 1-2-3 Jaleco 98/Winter
Battle ConchuuDen Jaleco 98/Winter
Final Fantasy VIII Square 98/Winter
I.Q Final  SCE 98/12
CAPA SCE 99/Spring
Doko Demo Issho SCE 99/Spring
Crash Bandicoot 3 SCE 98/12/17
PokeTan PokeJuku SCE ???
Pocket dungeon SCE 98/12/23
Pocket MooMoo SCE 98/12/23
Regnacure Legend SCE 98/Winter
Omise De Tenshu Technosoft 99/2
Monster Farm 2 Tecmo 99/Winter
Kyorochan no Pricura Daisakusen Tomy 98/2
Hello Kitty White Present Hudson 99/12
Bas Bide! Bandai 98/3
Fire Prowrestling Human 99/3
Taiyou No Otsuge Progress 99/Spring
Mr Prospecter -Hariate kun- Rismix 99/2
Fish Hunter Teichuku 99/1

Sony plans to ship out 1,000,000 Sets to begin. The retail price is set at 3000 yen.

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