As predicted, SNK's booth mainly consisted of NeoGeo Pocket.
The only section different was their KOF98 Cart playing area, where fans were lining up in a stack of 10-15 people waiting line.

The NeoGeo pocket was compact as imagined, and most players seemed to be lined up for KOF R-1.
The very unique team compilation has finally been announced, and it goes as follows:

God Caliber team- Kyo, Iori, Chizuru
Southtown Team- Terry, Ryo, Kim
Female team- Mai, Yuri, Athena
Band Team- Yashiro, Shermie, Chris
Edit only- Shingo, Leona

Fans lined up to receive a limited edition CD Case stacked with illustrations of upcoming NGP games, one of which was a never-before seen illustration of Samurai Shodown, suggesting that the popular series will make its way to NGP as well.


In a video showing, the upcoming Playstation 3D adventure game Project: Athena was revealed more in detail.
The game takes place in the future- the year 2018 when humanity experiences the results of DNA controlling gone wrong.

Another promotion shown on the screen was the upcoming Gekka No Kenshi 2, AKA Last Blade 2.
The game seems very similar in graphics to the previous in its series, suggesting that it will be an update of the last version for the NeoGeo and not a total new game or on the NeoGeo64. (Madman's Note: Looks like Last Blade2 is to Last Blade1 as RB2 was to RBS.)

While shots are not available, two new characters have been seen-
1- One is Mukuro, a character almost identical to Shikyou from LB1. Mukuro is possibly replacing Shikyou's opened seat due to his disappearance into Kagami's Black hole.

2- Another new character is a young member of the Shin-sen Gumi, the same group as Washizuka.
The new character whose name the Madman is not sure of  (was it Koujiro?) wears the same costume as Washizuka and has a rush DM.
Also, from the previous characters, Lee and Kaede have been confirmed. Kagami has also been confirmed and now as an  usable character.

Madman's Editorial-

NeoGeo Pocket
The NeoGeo Pocket was pretty nice, the control button felt very close to that of the NeoGeo CD. The screen was very easy to see and the display did not leave residue after something has moved quick on the screen. KOFR-1 was much better animated than its GameBoy counterparts from Takara- it has more animation (ie: Shermie stands in legs going left and right), the combos feel "right" due to no lag of speed and not so choppy frames. The background music is natural but a bit unique- for instance, Mai's BGM is not that from KOF97' or 98', it is from her RBS series.

Thanks to good luck, I had a chance to ask a SNK official from Osaka Headquarters regional controls division a few questions about their company and future products.

1- KOF98 Dreamcast
The game is planned for 99' Spring at the moment. Likewise to how Real Bout Special was arranged for the Playstation as an original game "Real Bout Special- Dominated Mind", SNK will be using their experiences to make an arranged version of the game which will take advantage of the hardware.
(Can this mean such things as being able to select team members on the controller's PDA LCD screen without the opponent seeing it? Only time will tell)

2- SNK of Japan's relation to foreign SNK
Apparently SNK only has controls on exporting the game from Japan to the overseas divisions, and does not control any specifics such as marketing management overseas-- that is all left for the quarters in the region to decide.

3- The rumored Gekko emulator contract to SNK
As mentioned in part 2 about the distinction between regions, since the whole even it taking place overseas apparently headquarters is not completely aware of the event...

4- Last Blade 2's Release Date
Last Blade 2 will be released in the arcades, apparently *after* the Playstation's version of Last Blade 1 comes out.
Marketing strategy for income?

5- KOF98 for the NeoGeoCD
It will be available "before the year's end", meaning... probably December.

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