Misc. Games at TGS

Atlus released information on their upcoming RPG in cooperation with the RED company- Thousand Arms.
Produced by Ouji Hiroi, Thousand arms will be for the PSX in 2 Disks, release scheduled set on 12/17.

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Atlus also released info on their upcoming gameboy cart, Hamster Paradise.
In Hamster Paradise, the player keeps a cute hamster in their Gameboy and grows it up as a "virtual pet education simulation game".


Bandai released news of their new portable game machine, the WonderSwan.
Wonderswan is designed to be playable vertically or horizontally depending o the game, and has 8 levels of Monochrome's display. The CPU is 16 bit and Cartridges for the game can be as large as 128Mbits in ROM and RAM, plus can work with EPPROM. Amazingly, the machine works with only 1 AA Battery and can last up to 36 hours.
Wonderswan's Software lineup is also very nice. The full board of release is available at the Madman's Cafe by clicking on the links at the bottom- a few interesting titles are Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon, Tekken -the card game, Pocket fighter, Evangelion, PuyoPuyo Two, Chronoa, A day in Rome, Densha De Go!, Puzzle Bobble.
Board 1 | Board 2 | Board 3

Other than the WonderSwan, also in showing was Bandai's anime-related games such as the N64 Evangelion (release: 99/3), Gundam -Char's counter attack (PSX: Dec release), and Space Carrier Yamato (PSX: 99/3 release).

DragonQuest VII was not available for display at the TGS yet-- it came in the form of a promotional movie.
One of DQ7's main points is the ability to change screen views 360% around, and the visual enhancement to show the actual sense of height differences.

Aside from Tales of Fantasia which was not playable and only available in the form of Promo video, Namco's corner was filled with Ridge Racer Type 4.
RR4 has double the number of courses from its previous, more cars and a Grand Prix mode where the player takes role of the team's driver, must go get a sponsor contract and win tournaments.

 The four available racing teams.  RRT4 is scheduled for release on 12/3.



Koei was seen with their New PC version of Nobunaga's Ambition with internet head-to-head playability, but what was perhaps the most stunning was their change of logo since 20 years of their company's existence.


Konami too has been spotted going towards the portable trend. Konami revealed their portable version of the arcade hit machine Beat Mania and also two other portables-
One is Dungeon Quest, where the player travels through a dungeon collecting items, leveling up and making friends out of monster enemies -there will be 6 series to be released, each with different chapters. The other is a gal-game wrist watch, Tokimeki Wrist Game, a virtual girlfriend who needs to be worn around to get friendly. The writs band also comes with the ability to show time, alarm clock, and stopwatch. 
The Castlevania Game for Nintendo 64 was also shown. Very different from its previous series,  "Dracula- Mokujiroku" is now a 3D-action game where the main character runs around a wide field or stage in a polygon world. The main character's name is Reinhart Shneider, recieving blood from the Belmont, Larned and Maurice family. There is also a magical girl character who can be used in place of him.  N64 Castlevania is scheduled for 99 Spring.

Last of all, Konami released info on their upcoming dance game, Dance! Dance! Dance!.
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System Soft
A very nice company, System Soft released info on their first PSX game, Net Striders.  System Soft is well know for their simulation games (Dai Senryaku) and this will also be a simulation game, combined with scienarios written by the director of Linda Cube & Far East of Eden I & II.  Net Striders takes place between the network and hackers in the year 2000, a war between the hackers and a selected few who are out to get them. Net Striders is scheduled for 99/2/11.



Taito Showed their Densha De Go! 2 game (Let's go by Train! 2) for the playstation scheduled for December and Pop n' Pop- a balloon popping puzzle game with historical characters from Taito's past such as Sayo from Rocky & Pockey and the two Dinos' from Bubble bobble. Pop n' Pop is scheduled for release on 10/22 and will come with a playable demo of Densha De Go! 2.
Taito also released news of their arcade hit sequel, Psychic Force 2012 to be converted for the Playstation.


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