Capcom At TGS
As previously written, the greatest showing at Capcom's booth during this TGS was Street fighter Zero 3.
Many Capcom officials were spotted working with character outfits like the picture above.



While the TGS version of SFA3 could only be played for one match, it was evident that Capcom spent great effort in converting the game. The intro scene seemed the same as the arcade, and loading screen would take an average of 8 seconds or so.

There seemed to be no jerky flames- there were 5-6 frames of animation when characters walked around, and the animation of walking back was not the same as the animation of walking forward..

The new polygon-adapted hit effects not only looked normal, they actually looked much more smoother than pixel-drawn animation effects from SFA2. For instance, when Ken would do his Shouryu-reppa, the line effects twirling around from his hands would look a tad transparent and move very smoothly. When a Hadou-ken would get guarded, a natural looking splash would come out and disappear as it would drop to the ground, showing another effect of how successful  the polygon adaption was.

As mentioned earlier, there seems to be five additional characters other than Juli, Juni and Bison/Balrog. As shown in the picture above they were silhouettes and could not be used at the TGS.  Also, SFA3 is interplayable with Sony's new Pocket Station, and there is an original mode related to the PDA.
(Madman's notes: The second top silhouette at the left, can that be Dee-Jay? If so, two possible other hidden characters can be Fei-long and T-Hawk.)





Some other exhibitions at the Capcom booth were the Capcom Generations-


#1- The 194X Series (1942, 1943, 1943 Kai)
#2- The Knight Series (Ghosts N' Goblins, Gools N' Ghosts, Super Gools n' Ghosts)
#3- The History Beings Here Series (Balgus, Sonson, Exsed Exes, Higemaru)
#4- The Lone Heroes Series (Commando, Commando 2, GunSmoke)
#5- The Fighter Series (Street Figther 2, Street Fighter Champ Edt., Street Fighter Turbo)
Some extra infos on the games
#3- History Begins here Series
A vertical scrolling shooter where the player must go throught space and planets to destroy the enemy boss Balgus while collecting POWs.
A side scrolling action/shooter game where the main character is a monkey Son Goku, it can be played with 2 players simultaneously.
A vertical scrolling shooter where the player must fight against an army of insects using 3 variations of POW.
A fixed screen puzzle game where the player must use barrels on the screen to destroy the enemies.
All the games can be played with arranged music, and the vertical scrollers can be played with triple-split screens.
#4- The Lone Heroes
A vertical scrolling actions shooter where the player must clear 8 stages with shots and limited grenades. Hostages can be rescued for items and points.
Commando 2
The sequel. This time the main character works has a life meter unlike the previous, and a 3 way shot and flame thrower is available.
10 stages of western action shooting/ vertical scrolling. Dual-Shock compatible.


Capcom has released official word of creating Biohazard- Code: Veronica for the Dreamcast.
Also, MegamanX4 and Biohazard 2 for the PC have been announced.

Also, Capcom has teamed up with Disney to release a Mickey Mouse themed Tetris Game, pics shown below.

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