Takara introduced their sequel to the hit 3D fighting series Toshinden, and this time it's a puzzle game. It pleased me to know that my favorite character Vermillion was in there too.

Takara also introduced their interpretation of SNK's King Of Fighter's 97 to Nintendo's Gameboy. Unfortunately it only has the following characters:
Kyo, Goro, Athena, Leona, Terry, Andy, Iori, Mature, Ryo, Robert, Mai, Geese, Mr. Big, Krauser, and Chizuru. Other hidden characters and Ex character seem to be hidden in there though.

Techmo annoucned their decision on converting their 3D fighter Dead Or Alive to the Sega Saturn. For some reason they were also giving out free samples of chocolate covered malt balls and chewy cookies n' cream flavored caramels. They tasted great, and for more coverage (on DOA, not on the chocolate), check out my extra article on it.

Bet that you thought this picture was from some anime, eh? Well guess again. The popular anime series Slayers is coming to the Sega Saturn as a simulation RPG, and so far the graphics are looking really great as you can see yourselves. The scenario is being written by the original author Hajime Kamizaka and the artwork by the original Rui Araizumi. Only problem is its probability of being translated to English: zip to diddo.

SqaureSoft was swarmed by so many people that I didn't even get to try out a single game of theirs. Had I been lucky and played four out of their six displayed games and answered their questionnere, I would've gotten some souvenir for it, but too bad. Anyway one of the yet unheard of games being promoted there was Front Mission Alternative. From the looks of things you can bet it's a simulation RPG just like the previous one in SFC. Come to think of it, Did it ever come out for the SNES?

Capcom's Marvels Super Heroes for the Sega Saturn was on display, and playable with an exception of two characters. The game moved much smoother when compared to the X-Men C.O.T.A., but not as much as DarkStalkers -Vampire Hunter- : either way it was missing more than a couple of frames. Frankly by seeing how slow the game moves I don't think it's finished. I don't think the turbo mode was off either, because all 4-5 machines were moving at around the same speed.
Although I didn't see it on display, Capcom was advertizing Cyberbots as well, with one extra character in there which looks a lot like... let's just call it AkumaBot, ok?

Toshinden Copyright Takara 1997, King Of Fighters 96' Copyright SNK 1997, Dead Or Alive Copyright Techmo 1997, Slayers Copyright Kadokawa Co. 1997, FrontMission Alternative Copyright SquareSoft Co. 1997, Marvels SuperHeroes Copyright Capcom Co. Marvels Co. 1997.